New College produces some mighty results.

If you don’t mind, we need to brag a bit – because for a tiny school, New College produces some mighty results.

Preparing graduates for future careers

Year after year, we consistently attract the attention of the most prestigious arbiters of excellence in higher education, resulting in top national rankings from the likes of U.S. News & World Report, Forbes, Kiplingers and The Princeton Review. We try not to put too much emphasis on these rankings, which are subject to a lot of variables, but it’s very nice when we make the top tier.

In the fast-paced, dynamic world economy in which we live, a well-trained mind never goes obsolete. And that’s where we excel. New College provides each student with an individualized education that integrates superb academics with career-building experience. Perhaps that’s why our alums are so successful in graduate school and in building professional careers.

2019 Grads Employed/Grad School

Four months after graduation, the Class of 2019 reported that:

• 83% were employed or enrolled in graduate school

• 5% engaged in volunteer service/community organizing

• 4% searching for a job or graduate school

• 3% completing internships

• 3% traveling

• 2% other/unknown

*Based on responses from 179 of the 229 students in the graduating class

Salaries 6 Years After Graduation

Our graduates are above-average earners over time

Within six years, New College graduates earn a median salary of $65,000 — over one-third more than the median salary of $47,750 in the state of Florida!

By matching a strong liberal arts education with career services (through the Center for Career Engagement and Opportunity), New College provides a lasting foundation for a lifetime of success. But you don’t have to take our word for it:

The Economic Gains of a Liberal Arts Education (Inside Higher Education)

Yes, Employers Do Value Liberal Arts Degrees (Harvard Business Review)

The Unexpected Value of the Liberal Arts (The Atlantic)

WoRth noting:

The national median salary for adults age 25-29 with baccalaureate degrees is $50,600.

The median salary for all 23-year-olds is $23,000. The median for 29-year-olds is $40,000 (U.S. Census data).

The impact of an outstanding education

Alumni credit their New College education for preparing them to achieve successful careers

NBC Nightly News and Telemundo TV Anchor
Jose Diaz Balart

Former Federal Reserve Bank of NY President
William C. Dudley

Nature photographer
Lynne Buchanan

U.S. Congressman
Lincoln Diaz Balart

students who go on to earn doctoral degrees

Continuing education

Within six years, 80 percent of New College graduates continue their education and 44 percent earn at least one additional degree. Even more remarkably, New College is the nation’s top public college for producing the highest percentage of undergraduates who go on to earn Ph.D.s!

Top Ph.D.-producing public colleges (2013-2018)


1. New College of Florida16.2%
2. New Mexico Inst. of Mining & Tech8.6%
3. College of William & Mary8.6%
4. UC-San Francisco8.6%
5. UC-Berkeley7.7%
6. Colorado School of Mines7.4%
7. University of Virginia6.1%
8. University of Michigan6.1%
9. Georgia Tech5.9%
10. Truman State University5.7%