Pope plunges into presidential campaign issues

Pope Francis’ visit to America this week buttressed some of President Barack Obama’s policies and implicitly rebuked positions taken by Republicans running to replace him, notably Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio, both fervent Catholics.
Subtly but unmistakably, the pope urged the world’s greatest superpower to embrace immigrants, befriend Cuba, save the planet from air pollution, and uplift the poor.
It was an historic papal visit unlike any other, drawing liberal activists from Florida and other parts who welcomed this pope’s plunge into issues hotly debated along the presidential campaign trail.
“I think it will make some difference,” said Frank Alcock, a former economist at the U.S. Energy Department and now a political scientist at New College of Florida. “There are some Americans who don’t think much about an issue like climate change, but they have a healthy respect for the pope. This might move the needle in terms of some folks being more concerned about the issue.”