Media Advisory: ‘New Scholars New College ’ Highlights Seniors’ Fascinating Work

Four dozen of New College’s soon-to-graduate students will present their senior thesis research projects in the annual “New Scholars New College” conference, which runs from 10 a.m. to 3:40 p.m. Thursday, May 21.

This is an opportunity to hear the College’s brightest students discuss fascinating topics, with colorful academic posters and A/V presentations in the background. Media can do one-on-one interviews with students at their posters, or attend all or parts of the 20-minute formal talks that run all day.

Among the 48 presentations are topics in anthropology, biology, chemistry, international studies, mathematics, physics, political science, psychology, sociology and more, such as:

– the behavior of the incredible mantis shrimp, which can see in infrared and ultraviolet, and kills its prey with claws that strike as hard as a bullet

– how parents’ influence on career choice affects students’ well-being

– how sandbar sharks react to electric fields that simulate their prey

– the effects of incorporating a math and science curriculum in a youth sailing program

– how to use geographic information systems to design a new neighborhood in New Orleans

– how artificial sweeteners affect fertility, longevity and body fat in a model organism

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New College of Florida is a national leader in the arts and sciences and is the State of Florida’s designated honors college for the liberal arts. Consistently ranked among the top public liberal arts colleges in America by U.S. News & World ReportForbes and The Princeton Review, New College attracts highly motivated, academically talented students from 40 states and 15 foreign countries. A higher proportion of New College students receive Fulbright awards than graduates from virtually all other colleges and universities.