New College Has Impressive Six Fulbright Scholars for 2010-2011

(May 14, 2010)  New College of Florida garnered six Fulbright scholars for 2010-2011, bringing the College’s historical total to 56 Fulbright recipients. This year’s awards—all from the 2010 graduating class—reinforce the College’s ranking as one of the Top 10 liberal arts colleges in terms of per-capita Fulbright production. Since gaining independence in 2001, New College has produced 43 Fulbright scholars.

L to R: Mary Barnes, Hannah Woerner, Cori Etheredge, Lauren White, Alice Abernathy, Taylor Kennedy

Here is a look at this year’s Fulbright recipients:

Alice Abernathy (Naples, FL)

Fulbright to Spain

Alice will further her current biochemistry research during a Fulbright to Spain, where she will study molecular probes alongside Dr. Victor Parro Garcia at Centro de Astrobiologica in Madrid. Alice will work in the molecular ecology lab to develop an antibody microarray and an instrument for in situ detection, to be field tested in the Río Tinto, a unique ecosystem in Huelva, Spain, which has a similar environment to Mars.  Upon returning to the United States, Alice plans to enroll in a dual Ph.D. program in biochemistry and astrobiology, and later, intends to teach. This summer she will hold a prestigious internship at the National Institutes of Health in the National Cancer Institute.

Mary Barnes (Houston, TX)

Fulbright to Indonesia

Mary, a cultural anthropology major, earned a Fulbright to Indonesia, where she will hold an English language teaching assistantship at a high school. Mary will tutor students in oral and written communication, develop her research interest in cross-cultural teaching practices, participate in community outreach activities and study indigenous dance traditions. When she returns from Indonesia, Mary plans to teach at a high school before entering a graduate program in either cultural studies in education or anthropology with an emphasis on education.

Corianne Etheredge (Beaverton, OR)

Fulbright to South Korea

As an enriching supplement to her New College public policy studies, Corianne’s Fulbright will take her to South Korea as an English language teaching assistantship at an elementary school. After the intensive classroom experience, Corianne plans to enroll in U.S. graduate school to study public policy with an educational policy concentration. Her objective is to improve early childhood education and make public schools more accommodating for children from all cultures.

Taylor Kennedy (Albuquerque, NM)

Fulbright to South Korea

Taylor will be furthering his studies in social sciences during a Fulbright to South Korea as an English language teaching assistant and tutor. Taylor will help Korean students develop a command of English grammar and vocabulary while introducing them to American culture and socio-environmental issues. When he returns, Taylor plans to study urban housing reform by working at a nonprofit organization, social service agency or planning department. He later hopes to pursue a graduate degree in education, sociology or law.

Lauren White (Grosse Pointe Woods, MI)

Fulbright to Germany

Lauren, a German studies major, was awarded a Fulbright to Germany, where she will  work as an English language teaching assistant. She aspires to create an unconventional, cross-cultural curriculum based on the natural landscape of Germany and the United States for her students while further refining her German fluency. Upon completion of her Fulbright, Lauren plans to apply to graduate programs in comparative literature. Her ultimate goal is to teach both German and English at the high school level in an underserved rural school district.

Hannah Woerner (Sarasota, FL)

Fulbright to Germany

With her double major in political science and German studies, Hannah is embarking on a Fulbright to Germany, where she will complete an English language teaching assistantship. Hannah will also pursue her interest in German asylum and immigration policies while overseas. Afterwards, she intends to attend law school and earn a Juris Doctor degree, specializing in international or European Union law. Her long-term plan is to work in immigration law for an international law firm or a non-governmental organization.

The Fulbright Program is the flagship international educational exchange program sponsored by the U.S. government and is designed to “increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries.” With this goal as a starting point, the Fulbright Program has provided almost 300,000 participants—chosen for their academic merit and leadership potential — with the opportunity to study, teach and conduct research, exchange ideas and contribute to finding solutions to shared international concerns.

The Fulbright Program was established in 1946 under legislation introduced by then-Senator J. William Fulbright of Arkansas. The Fulbright Program is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. Approximately 294,000 “Fulbrighters,” 111,000 from the United States and 183,000 from other countries, have participated in the Program since its inception more than sixty years ago. The Fulbright Program awards approximately 7,500 new grants annually.  Currently, the Fulbright Program operates in over 155 countries worldwide.

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