Assistant Professor Mark Paul serves on advisory council for Ohio River Valley Institute

From Business Daily Journal/Ohio, August 19, 2020

Ohio River Valley Institute Launched to Promote Clean Energy Economy

PITTSBURGH — The Ohio River Valley Institute, a newly established think tank, was unveiled today with the mission of achieving job growth by embracing the clean energy economy.
The Institute’s focus is the Appalachian regions of Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Kentucky. The goal, organizers say, is to equip residents and decision makers with in-depth research, analysis, and commentary to advance long-term solutions to some of Appalachia’s most pressing economic and social challenges.
“The need for new, evidence-based perspectives on public policy is acute in a region where purported economic game-changers, including the natural gas fracking boom and a proposed build-out of the petrochemical and plastics industries, have conspicuously failed to deliver on promises of jobs and prosperity,” the institute states in its announcement. “Meanwhile, other regions of the country, which have embraced the emerging clean energy economy and more inclusive policymaking, have experienced healthy growth in jobs and commerce.”

Read more and learn the names of the members of the advisory council here.

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