Why We Should be Funding More Solyndras (editorial by NCF's Mark Paul)

November 23, 2020

MIT Technology Review, November 19, 2020 The US bet big on a solar energy firm…

We need a Civilian Conservation Corps for forest management

September 25, 2020

From The Hill, September 25, 2020 Catastrophic wildfires have brought orange skies and devastation to…

Economists Refute Claims Of Campaign Targeted At $15 Minimum Wage Amendment

August 24, 2020

From WUSF, August 21, 2020 Florida’s minimum wage is $8.56, meaning a person working full…

Assistant Professor Mark Paul serves on advisory council for Ohio River Valley Institute

August 20, 2020

From Business Daily Journal/Ohio, August 19, 2020 Ohio River Valley Institute Launched to Promote Clean…

NCF Assistant Professor Mark Paul helps explain why the US has more power outages than any other developed country

August 18, 2020

From Popular Science, August 17, 2020 The US power grid needs updating, but utilities aren't…

Mark Paul, Ph.D.

Professor writes climate report for Stacey Abrams’ think tank

June 29, 2020

Last Tuesday, Stacey Abrams announced the release of a report on economic growth and climate…

Mark Paul

New College Economist Says a Massive ‘Green Stimulus’ Could Boost the Economy

April 22, 2020

From Sarasota Magazine, April 21, 2020 ‘It has never been cheaper to invest in the…

America’s Bipartisan Climate-Policy Failure

June 24, 2019

America’s Bipartisan Climate-Policy Failure

A Carbon Dividend Is Better than a Carbon Tax (co-written by Assistant Professor of Economics Mark Paul)

May 15, 2019

A Carbon Dividend Is Better than a Carbon Tax