Renew Academic Accommodations

The renewal of  academic accommodations must be done each semester for every course for academic accommodations to go into effect, please complete the steps outlined here.

Watch this how-to video

Important Notes

  • If you add or change a course, you will need to log into the AIM portal to request accommodations for your new course. Keep in mind, courses take up to 48 to load in the system after registration.
  • Accommodations are effective from the date your instructor receives the Faculty Notification Letter. You are encouraged to request accommodations early in the semester. 
  • Practice self-advocacy! Accommodations should be discussed with each instructor privately or via email.
  • Your Eligibility Letter will be sent to your NCF email. A brief, printable version is also located in the AIM portal under My Eligibility.
  • For Currently registered ALC students who would like to adjust current accommodations: Please send an email with your request to the ALC for our office to review. Our office will contact you if we need to schedule an additional appointment.