New College Commencement Speakers

A History of Distinguished Keynote Addresses, 1969- Present 

June 14, 1969                     
W. Lynndon Clough, C.B.E., M.A., F.R.G.S.
Professor of Classics
June 13, 1970
Jack McClintock
Writer, St. Petersburg Times
June 12, 1971
Paul Kuntz, Ph.D.
Professor of Philosophy, Emory University
June 10, 1972
Peter Klappert, M.F.A.
Briggs-Copeland Lecturer on English, Harvard University
June 9, 1973
Frank Newman, M.S.
Director of University Relations, Stanford University
June 15, 1974
Eugene C. Patterson, B.A.
Editor and President, St. Petersburg Times
June 1975                            
Nell P. Eurich, Ph.D.
Vice President for Academic Affairs, Manhattanville College
June 12, 1976                     
George H. Mayer, Ph.D.
June 11, 1977                     
Robert A. Goldwin, Ph.D.
Resident Scholar & Director of Seminar Programs, American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research
June 10, 1978                     
Alvin W. Gouldner, Ph.D.
Max Weber Research Professor of Social Theory, Washington University
June 9, 1979                       
The Honorable Richard S. Hodes, M.D.
Speaker Pro Tem, Florida House of Representatives
June 14, 1980                     
W. Lynndon Clough, M.A.
Professor Emeritus, Classics
June 13, 1981                     
John D. MacDonald, L.H.D.
May 28, 1982                       
Arthur Ross Borden, Jr., Ph.D.
Professor of Literature
May 27, 1983                       
Arthur McA. Miller
Professor of Literature
May 25, 1984                       
William P. Thurston                                                                            
Professor of Mathematics, Princeton University
New College Class 1967
May 1985                              
Laszlo Deme
Professor of Philosophy
Douglas C. Berggren
Professor of Philosophy
Marion C. Hoppin
Professor of Psychology, 1965-1977
May 23, 1986                       
Daniel F. Chambliss
Assistant Professor of Sociology, Hamilton College
New College Class of 1975
May 22, 1987                      
Frank Newman, President
Education Commission of the States
May 20, 1988                       
Robert H. Knox, Jr.
Professor of Literature
May 26, 1989                       
Anita L. Allen, Ph.D., J.D.
Associate Professor of Law, Georgetown University Law Center
New College Class of 1974
Bryan Norton
Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology
May 25, 1990                       
J. P. White
New College Class of 1974
May 24, 1991                       
Carol Flint
New College Class of 1978
May 22, 1992                       
Rabbi Debra R. Hachen
New College Class of 1974
May 21, 1993                       
Larry D. Shinn
Vice President, Academic Affairs, Bucknell University
May 20, 1994
David B. Land
President, Collier Natural Resources
New College Class of 1973
May 26, 1995                       
Ms. Fay Clayton
Robinson, Curley & Clayton, P.C.
New College Class of 1967
May 24, 1996                       
Vicki Pearthree Raeburn
Vice President, FAME Information Services, Inc.
New College Class of 1968
May 22, 1998                       
Peter A. Kazaks
Professor of Physics, New College

David L. Smith
Dean of Faculty, Williams College
New College Class of 1974

May 21, 1999                       
Gregory Dubois Felsmann
Senior Postdoctoral Scholar, California Institute of Technology
New College Class of 1981
May 26, 2000                       
Douglas C. Berggren
Professor of Philosophy
Laszlo Deme
Professor of History
May 25, 2001                       
Kenneth R. Misemer, Chairman
New College Foundation Board of Trustees
May 24, 2002                       
Cornel West
Alphonse Fletcher Jr., University Professor, Harvard University
May 23, 2003                       
Alexis Simendinger
White House Correspondent, National Journal
Trustee New College of Florida & New College Foundation
New College Class of 1979
May 21, 2004                       
Francis Schwartz, Ph.D.
Composer, Polyartist
May 20, 2005
Dr. Sylvia Earle
Explorer in Residence, National Geographic Society
May 19, 2006                       
Anita L. Allen
Henry R. Silverman Professor of Law and Professor of Philosophy, University of Pennsylvania
New College Class of 1974
May 25, 2007                       
Amy Goodman
Host & Executive Producer, Democracy Now!
International Radio and TV News Program
May 23, 2008                       
Governor Bob Graham
May 22, 2009                       
Sharon Matola
Founder and Director, Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center                             
New College Class of 1981

May 21, 2010
William Dudley
President and CEO, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
New College Class of 1974

May 20, 2011
Helen Fagin
Retired Professor of English and Director of Judaic Studies, University of Miami
May 25, 2012
Mike Michalson
President, New College of Florida

May 24, 2013
The Hon. Charles E. Williams
Circuit Court Judge of the 12th Judicial Circuit of Florida
May 23, 2014
Jennifer Granick
Director of Civil Liberties for the Center for Internet and Society at Stanford Law School
New College Class of 1986


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