How will my credits transfer to New College? Find out what you need to know here.

At New College of Florida, we understand that pursuing higher education is an investment of both time and resources, which is why we have options to maximize your credit and experience. Whether you have earned your associate degree, completed coursework at other colleges or universities, through Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) test scores, and certain subject exams, or would like to receive credit for military service, we can help. If you have prior college credit, you may be closer than you realize to achieving your educational goal. 

Transfer credit is assigned toward New College’s semester contract, independent study project (ISP) and unit requirements for the bachelor of arts degree.

To receive credit for transfer work, official transcripts must be sent directly to New College from the school which awarded the initial credit. For AP or IB courses, the scores must be received by New College directly from the testing agency.

Remember that dual enrollment credit can only be awarded if the college transcript has been received – New College cannot award credit from a high school transcript.

Performance Standards

Transfer credit will not be awarded for any grade less than C per the Provost. The minimum grades for NCF credit from AP and IB are 3. Courses that are developmental, remedial, vocational, or technical in nature will not transfer to New College of Florida. 

Tables of Credit

Transfer Credit Policy

Read the full Transfer Credit Policy

Receiving Transfer Credit

Credit will be awarded upon receipt of an official transcript from an accredited university or college, and/or official AP, IB, and AICE test scores.  In order to be considered official, a transcript must either be mailed directly to New College from the institution or be delivered to the Office of Admissions in a signed and sealed envelope.  Unsealed and faxed transcripts are considered unofficial.  Official transcripts may be mailed to New College at the following address:

New College of Florida
Attn: Admissions Operations
5800 Bay Shore Road
Sarasota, FL 34243

Once transfer credit has been granted, it will not be removed or waived by a request from the student.