Meet our Student Writing Assistants

Each of our SWAs are trained (and willing) to assist student writers like you with any type of writing at any point in your writing process.

Meet the writing assistants

Because Student Writing Assistants are students like you, they are in a perfect position to offer advice on the unique writing of New College! The SWAs are both specialists and generalists. This means that although each SWA has their particular areas of expertise, each is also trained (and willing) to assist student writers like you with any type of writing at any point in your writing process.

Student Writing Assistants are waiting and willing to help you! — Schedule an appointment here.

SWA Bios:

Take a look below to get to know our SWAs a little better:

Alex is a fourth-year philosophy and religious studies AOC with a focus in Buddhism. He spent last summer in a Chan Buddhist monastery in China. His favorite part of the writing process is staring at the wall and wondering if it all matters. If questions are your sort of answers and if you enjoy filing ambiguity down to precise profundity (or precise ambiguity), come see him!

Andy is a third-year classical languages student with strong interests in computer science and digital humanities. She has experience in various humanities and natural science classes and loves interdisciplinary work. Andy is excited to work with any subject and especially loves the brainstorming process/planning a paper.

Annie is a fourth-year psychology AOC with a special interest in social and personality psychology. She has a special interest for methodology and project planning, so feel free to come meet with her to brainstorm or plan out your project. She also has experience with literature, writing studies, creative writing and independent research projects. Her true loves include Taco Bell, every dog alive, being a camp counselor and low-stakes crafting.

Bryce is a third-year general studies AOC. They spend too much time thinking about fungus, DNA and language; they are afraid of snakes and the fourth dimension. Bryce will gladly help you with just about anything.

Chelsea is a fourth-year English AOC with a strong interest in writing studies. She has dabbled in the other divisions, taking courses from Intro to Coastal Marine Systems to Florida Government and Politics, but primarily works in English and literature. She is writing a thesis about Florida literature. Her favorite stage of the writing process is brainstorming, but she does enjoy working on the other stages, too. She looks forward to helping you out however she can and would love you forever and ever if you utilized the description box below.

Jace is a fourth-year anthropology student. However, Jace also has experience in other topics such as literature, sociology and religion. He also has a lot of experience helping people utilize the various resources the school has for students to do things like ISPs, and complete their research papers with ease. Outside of academics, Jace  enjoys talking about various forms of entertainment media and culture.

Keaton is a fourth-year sociology thesis student. Due to a bit of academic meandering, Keaton has some experience in political science, economics, history and statistics, in addition to current coursework in sociology. Outside of academia, Keaton enjoys reading sci-fi and watching educational YouTube videos about space, words and why things exist.

Lena is a thesis student originally from Palmerston North, New Zealand; she now lives in Jupiter, Florida, with her mom. Lena uses she/her pronouns and her AOC is philosophy. Lena has taken a WIDE range of classes in both the humanities and the social sciences, so she can help you at any point in the writing process, with any type of writing (even lab reports!). She loves hearing about what other students are passionate about, inside and outside of the classroom! In her spare time, Lena enjoys being outside and taking care of her plants.

Mollie is a fourth-year political science AOC. Mollie works too much, loves all cats, and all memes, especially cat memes. She plays roller derby with the Bradentucky Bombers. She enjoys the planning and organization aspect of writing but hates to write. She takes a very direct approach with her appointments. Mollie is afraid of spiders, failure and tears.

Phoebe is a thesising psychology/music AOC, but is more than willing to learn/talk about any and all new things. Her hobbies include living in the realm of metaphors/clichés, lifting weights, and CKI (ask about it). So, come by, sound your ideas off of her (ha, music/thesis joke), she would love to talk to you about your writing.

Yvenord is a third-year chemistry/biology, pre-med student. He has experience working in many different academic disciplines and is interested in reading ALL things. He is passionate about education research, sustainable food, human nutrition and issues of the social world. Yvenord considers himself an expert at making carefully curated mediocre content on the internet.