Meet our Student Writing Assistants

Each of our SWAs are trained (and willing) to assist student writers like you with any type of writing at any point in your writing process.

Meet the writing assistants

Because Student Writing Assistants are students like you, they are in a perfect position to offer advice on the unique writing of New College! The SWAs are both specialists and generalists. This means that although each SWA has their particular areas of expertise, each is also trained (and willing) to assist student writers like you with any type of writing at any point in your writing process.

Student Writing Assistants are waiting and willing to help you! — Schedule an appointment here.

SWA Bios:

Take a look below to get to know our SWAs a little better:

Andy is a third-year classical languages student with strong interests in computer science and digital humanities. She has experience in various humanities and natural science classes and loves interdisciplinary work. Andy is excited to work with any subject and especially loves the brainstorming process/planning a paper.

Bailey is a second-year Psychology AOC. She also specializes in Writing Studies and has dabbled in many fields including Biology, Literature, and History. She is interested in writing process and wants to help you process your writing. When she is not processing written words, Bailey is likely playing tennis, cooking, doing a jigsaw puzzle, or listening to an audiobook. 

Briana is a 2nd year Psychology AOC. Ask Briana about her bunny, Clementine. Briana loves eating, yoga, and giving people hugs. She loves writing long papers but rarely proofreads them. Talk to her about philosophy or bio, and of course, anything psychology.

Chrissy is a second-year English AOC with particular interests in poetry and literary theory. She also has experience with philosophy, history, and creative writing. In her free time, Chrissy likes to think about words and mentally draft thinkpieces with all of her opinions about the world that will never see the light of day. She’s super excited to talk about your paper and learn about the cool stuff you’re writing!

Nora is a second-year biology and environmental science student. She is a huge science/nature geek and might be more way more fascinated by your science-related writing than you are, but she also loves to take interdisciplinary approaches, and has experience writing in Spanish and philosophy (both of which qualify as foreign languages). She also loves reading and writing fiction, so bring her your creative masterpieces!

Rachel is a 3rd year Environmental Studies / Art AOC.  They have experience taking a variety of Nat Sci, Environmental, Art, and Art History courses and enjoy compulsively filling time with extracurriculars. Talk to them about your favorite things, their new puppy, or the time they were Biostats TA.

is a third-year chemistry/biology, pre-med student. He has experience working in many different academic disciplines and is interested in reading ALL things. He is passionate about education research, sustainable food, human nutrition and issues of the social world. Yvenord considers himself an expert at making carefully curated mediocre content on the internet.

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