Meet our Student Writing Assistants

Each of our SWAs are trained (and willing) to assist student writers like you with any type of writing at any point in your writing process.

Meet the writing assistants

Because Student Writing Assistants are students like you, they are in a perfect position to offer advice on the unique writing of New College! The SWAs are both specialists and generalists. This means that although each SWA has their particular areas of expertise, each is also trained (and willing) to assist student writers like you with any type of writing at any point in your writing process.

Student Writing Assistants are waiting and willing to help you! — Schedule an appointment here.

SWA Bios:

Take a look below to get to know our SWAs a little better:

Alex is a third-year English AOC with a minor in Rhetoric and Writing. She also has experience in journalism, humanities, and writing studies. Alex is excited to help make writing as painless and stress-free as possible at every stage in the writing process. In her free time, she enjoys watching trashy reality television shows, reading, and drinking coffee. Alex will be working from Orlando with her miniature-doxie Gabby who will definitely pop in during appointments with a lot to say!

Beck is a 3rd year neuroscience/statistics AOC with experience in psychology, literature, theater, and natural sciences. They have a particular interest in education research. Feel free to start talking about She Ra or other cartoons, or swap recommendations in stand up comedy. They are available for online appointments and especially enjoy working with writers in the brainstorming and revising stages.

Caroline is a fourth-year history/anthropology AOC with additional experience in sociology, urban studies, religion, Spanish, and creative writing. Caroline enjoys brainstorming, planning, and helping writers strengthen their arguments. She will be available online. Ask her about her thesis, which focuses on Montreal at the turn of the twentieth century. In her free time, Caroline enjoys musical theater (though she can’t sing or act), and writing historical fiction. 

Carter is a thesis student, doing an AOC in Philosophy and a secondary AOC in Human Geography. When he’s not school-ing, he enjoys playing basketball and reading, though usually not at the same time. He is interested in all things writing-related, from creative work to long research papers, so make either an online or in-person appointment with him and bring any sort of project!Hope is a 3rd year with an anticipated Environmental Studies AOC; however, she started out in the Biology AOC track, so she has experience with scientific writing and lab reports. She is available for appointments in person or online. She loves reading fantasy and talking about movies. Her camera roll is full of photos of her dog, Dupree.

Cas is a fourth year Economics AOC from Bradenton, Fl and this is her first year working in the writing center! She will be holding online appointments only during this shift. Cas enjoys reading books by the fire and long, romantic walks to the fridge. She’s looking forward to helping you meet your writing goals.

Jack is a third year religion student with particular interests in Buddhism, as well as philosophy of ethics, epistemology, and ontology. With regard to specific types of writing Jack is most familiar with argumentative essays and research papers. And as for favorite stages of the writing process, Jack enjoys brainstorming, organizing and, yes, even editing. In less-academic settings, Jack is either playing the guitar, cooking some huge meal, or staring out a window. So if arguments, Rock ‘n Roll, and/or misanthropic humor is your bag, come hang out with Jack.

Jamie is a third-year Literature/Gender Studies AOC with experience in Sociology and Anthropology, as well as seven years of Spanish language study. Her favorite parts of the writing process are creating outlines and developing arguments, but she’s happy to help during any stage of your writing process! Talk to Jamie about astrology, queer literature, or her cat, Fronk.

Kendall is a thesising student in the Environmental Studies AOC. She has a diverse interdisciplinary background, with experience in everything from Buddhist Meditation to Horror Literature. She’d love to talk to you about what it’s like spending quarantine in a van traveling across the country, or where to find all the mulberry trees on campus. Whether you need a second eye on essay edits or just need to vent to someone about citing in Chicago style, Kendall is excited to work with you!

Marjorie is a fourth-year Biology AOC student. She has experience with writing in various natural science formats and is also equipped to assist in other types of writing and with writing in other disciplines. This semester, Marjorie is planning to offer only online appointments. She is currently working on her thesis and would love to tell you all about it. Ask her about jellyfish!! 🙂

Peter is a fourth-year philosophy/economics AOC with experience in poli sci, history, and psychology. Peter’s favorite part of the writing process is fine-tuning and editing, but he also loves working out the argumentative structure of a paper. Peter also makes memes for the WRC’s social media and would love to hear your meme ideas. 

Phoebe is an English AOC with experience in the humanities, history, and creative writing as well. If you need help with any point in the writing process from brainstorming to making final edits, talk to her! Phoebe is also interested in X-Men comics, writing fanfiction, musicals, and singing Acapella so feel free to bring up any of those things during your meeting!

Sawyer is in her third year at New College and is a Pre-Med/Biology AOC. She’s passionate about herpetology, but intends to pursue a career in orthopedics after graduating! She is the president and founder of New College Irish Dance and has a strong affinity for Science Fiction (primarily Star Wars), and caffeine is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the way to her heart. This year, she’ll be holding SWA appointments both online and in-person, and will specialize in Natural Science writing!

Sophia is a second-year English AOC who is available both online and in person. Her favorite academic topics include writing studies and literature. She’s also a theater kid, unfortunately for those around her. Her favorite part of the writing process is the brainstorming stage and her favorite things to write are bad poetry and good literary analysis.

Tyler  is a thesising English AOC with a secondary field AOC in Writing and Rhetoric. Having taken classes in all divisions at New College, she lays claim to a broad disciplinary background. Tyler is a self-described pop-culture junkie who enjoys chocolate, rom-coms, and watching (but rarely playing) tennis. Tyler’s appointments will be fully online, which means you will likely be graced with the presence of her French Bulldog, Nilla.