Why Study Humanities at New College?

The Humanities are often considered the cornerstone of the liberal arts, and at New College our Humanities AOC features both the breadth and depth you would expect in this rich field of interdisciplinary study.

Humanities area of concentration

The Humanities are often considered the cornerstone of the liberal arts, and at New College our Humanities AOC features both the breadth and depth you would expect in this rich field of interdisciplinary study.

If you are fascinated by world cultures and religions, have read your favorite novel dozens of times, and are drawn to music, philosophy and the arts, then you may find that our Humanities Area of Concentration (AOC) is just the right fit for you. Combining study within a variety of disciplines, you will engage in critical and analytical study of primary works such as literature, historical documents, philosophical analysis and speculation, cultural artifacts and documentation, as well as a critical engagement with secondary or scholarly approaches to these subjects and their fields.

What You’ll Learn:

Through advanced coursework in fields ranging from art and art history to literature, music, philosophy, religion and languages that include Classical Greek and Latin, Chinese, French, German, Russian and Spanish, you will learn to integrate and critically analyze different forms of knowledge.

You will also strengthen your written and oral communication skills. All will prepare you well for future graduate school study and employment.

Recent Theses

  • “A Need to Know Basis:” An Account, Analysis, and Response of the Intersection of Prenatal Testing and Informed Consent
  • A New Mythology: Irish Themes and Motifs in Modern Young Adult Literature
  • Beyond Words: Poetic Authority and Voice in the Works of Claudia Rankine and John Taggart
  • “Feminist Fairy Tales”: Female Agency and Subversive Messages in Fairy Tales of the Traditional European Canon Tale Type AT425A
  • Flitting Fairy and Haughty Harpy: Costuming Ariel in William Shakespeare’s The Tempest
  • Masculinity on the Margins: Redefining American Manhood in New Orleans and Southern Louisiana
  • No Man’s Wasteland: A Critical Genealogy Of The Anthropocene
  • On the Outside: International Travel, Self-Transformation, and Alienation in Film and Literature
  • Performance as Survival: Art, Activism, and Identity at the Nuyorican Poets Café
  • Spiritual But Not Religious, Judaism in the New Age: A Case Study of Jewish Practitioners of Kundalina Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan in the United States
  • Stendhal and the Heroines of His World
  • The Evolution of Orpheus from the Classical World Period to the Renaissance

Careers of Humanities Graduates

Guidance Communications, Inc.

Consulting Associate
Brakeley Briscoe, Inc., San Francisco, California

What Can I Do with a Humanities AOC?


  • Kim Anderson, Associate Professor of Art
  • Katherine Brion, Assistant Professor of Art History
  • Ryan Buyssens, Assistant Professor of Art (sculpture)
  • Emily Carr, Visiting Assistant Professor of Creative Writing
  • Magdalena Carrasco, Professor of Art History
  • Nick Clarkson, Assistant Professor of Gender Studies
  • Tabea Cornel, Visiting Assistant Professor of Medical Humanities, Narrative Medicine, History of Medicine and Science
  • Mark Dancigers, Assistant Professor of Digital Media & Music
  • Nicolas Delon, Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Environmental Studies
  • Andrea Dimino, Associate Professor of English
  • Tetyana Dzyadevych, Visiting Assistant Professor of Russian Language and Literature
  • Aron Edidin, Professor of Philosophy
  • April Flakne, Associate Professor of Philosophy
  • Lauren Hansen, Visiting Assistant Professor of German Language and Literature
  • Sonia Labrador-Rodriguez, Associate Professor of Spanish Language and Literature
  • Fang-Yu Li, Assistant Professor of Chinese Language & Culture
  • Manuel Lopez Zafra, Assistant Professor of Religion
  • Susan Marks, Professor of Religion and Judaic Studies
  • Gordon Michalson Jr., Professor of Humanities
  • Stephen Miles, Professor of Music
  • Nova Myhill, Professor of English, Theater & Performance Studies
  • Nassima Neggaz, Assistant Professor of Religion & Islamic Studies
  • Christopher Noble, Assistant Professor of Philosophy
  • Jose Alberto Portugal, Professor of Spanish Language & Literature; PepsiCo Professorship
  • Amy Reid, Professor of French and Gender Studies
  • David Rohrbacher, Professor of Classics
  • Carl Shaw, Professor of Classics
  • Wendy-Lou Sutherland, Associate Professor of German, Black European and Diaspora Studies
  • Joceyln Van Tyul, Professor of French Language & Literature
  • Hugo Viera-Vargas, Assistant Professor of Caribbean/Latin American Studies and Music
  • Diego Villada, Assistant Professor of Theater & Performance Studies
  • Miriam Wallace, Professor of English and Gender Studies
  • Alina Wyman, Associate Professor of Russian Language and Literature
  • Jessica Young, Assistant Professor of English
  • Robert Zamsky, Associate Professor of English
  • Jing Zhang, Associate Professor of Chinese Language & Culture

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