Chinese Language & Culture

New College is home to a budding but fast-growing Chinese Language and Culture program. If you have an interest in a civilization that is more than 5,000 years old, a first language that is the most widely spoken and written in the world, and a rapidly growing economic and technological giant, then this is the program for you.

Chinese Language and Culture area of concentration

The Chinese program at New College offers courses at all levels of Chinese language as well as courses and tutorials on Chinese language, literature and culture in English translation. Language courses are offered regularly, and cultural content courses change each year covering both surveys and special topics. Recently offered courses include First-year and Second-Year Modern Chinese, Classical Chinese Literature: A Survey, Modern Chinese Literature: A Survey, New Chinese Cinemas of Greater China, The Writing of the Strange in Classical Chinese Literature, Heroism and Chinese Narratives, as well as, Chinese Martial Arts Film.

Students with an Area of Concentration in Chinese are expected to develop a high level of proficiency in all aspects of the Chinese language, a broad historical and cultural knowledge of classical and modern Chinese culture, and in-depth knowledge of certain authors, genres, periods or themes. In light of the interdisciplinary nature of the Chinese program, students are encouraged to take courses from related fields and disciplines, and/or complete a combined AOC with another discipline.

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Area of Concentration Requirements

To complete an AOC in Chinese, students are required to take a minimum of 12 courses, tutorials and ISPs, both within the Chinese program and in related fields, and a thesis focusing on any aspect of Chinese literature and culture. In addition to regular courses, students are encouraged to do ISPs and tutorials in areas of their interest. They are welcome to create specific topics and/or do advanced work in a specific genre or a time period after consulting with faculty.

Required courses in Chinese include six semester language courses, one (1) advanced reading in classical or modern Chinese, one (1) survey courses in classical or modern Chinese Literature and culture, one (1) tutorial in subjects of students’ interests and one (1) special topic course in classical or modern Chinese culture. Special topics and tutorials are interchangeable depending on course availability.

In addition, students must take two (2) China-/East Asia-related courses in other disciplines of humanities and social sciences including but not limited to political science, philosophy, religion, art/art history, history, gender studies, anthropology and sociology.

Joint Disciplinary AOC Requirements

To complete a combined AOC with another program, students are required to take five-semester course (or equivalent) of Chinese language, two (2) courses in classical or modern Chinese culture, and one (1) China-/East-Asia-related course in Humanities or social sciences.

Study Abroad

Students are strongly encouraged to study abroad at universities in China or Taiwan for at least one (1) semester since studying abroad is essential to language mastery and cultural learning. Credits will be transferred to New College, and placement tests will be given so as to place students in courses at appropriate levels. Please talk to faculty members in the Chinese program for additional information.


  • Fang-Yu Li, Assistant Professor of Chinese Language and Culture
  • Jing Zhang, Associate Professor of Chinese Language and Culture

Careers of Chinese Language and Culture Graduates

Senior Administrative Assistant
World Wildlife Fund, Washington, D.C.

Program Coordinator
MLS Educational Consultants, Inc., McLean, Virginia

Student Services Lead
APOGEE, Austin, Texas

Admissions Office Coordinator
California Institute of Integral Studies

SAMPLE PATHWAYS to complete AOC Requirements

These pathways show how you could complete the AOC requirements within four years at New College or within two years after earning an associate’s degree. Please consult with your academic adviser to determine the most appropriate courses for your area of concentration.