Why Study Art at New College?

With its dual emphasis on both quality academic work and the arts, the New College Art Area of Concentration (AOC) provides a unique environment where students are encouraged to incorporate diverse perspectives from a variety of disciplines into their studio practices. Our Art AOC gives students the preparation needed to pursue a career within the arts as a professional artist, designer, educator, or arts administrator. Our students have gone on to study at nationally and internationally recognized top tier graduate programs in the arts.

Art area of concentration

Courses address technical and conceptual aspects of art making through historical and contemporary perspectives so students may continue to cultivate these competencies independently in the future.

Classroom studios support a diverse range of media including wood, metal, digital, painting, drawing, and printmaking. Sculpture facilities include a foundry, woodworking area, and welding area. Painting and drawing studios provide ample space for large-scale projects in oil, acrylic, and watercolor. The printmaking studio accommodates intaglio, block printing, and screen-printing. A centralized exhibition space generates a forum for display and dialog.

Introductory courses provide a foundation that allows students to further develop aptitudes in content knowledge, critical thinking, communication skills, and technical processes of art making, enhancing both independent and advanced coursework.

Upper level studio courses, seminars and tutorials further technical and conceptual proficiency. Group and independent tutorials facilitate personal development, independent thinking, and increasingly self-disciplined studio habits.

Prior to the senior thesis semester, students submit a senior thesis proposal. With faculty approval, the proposal is formalized into a final studio/research senior thesis project.

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Area of Concentration Requirements


The following course sequence is to be fulfilled prior to the fifth term review. Students should demonstrate engagement in both the 2-D and 3-D disciplines as well as Art History. All course taken prior to the students fifth term conference must be satisfied at NCF. Courses must be taken in the following sequence:

Three Art Foundations Courses:

  • Drawing I
  • Painting I
  • Sculpture I

Three Intermediate Level Studio Art Courses:

  • Drawing II
  • Painting II
  • Sculpture II
  • Equivalent (with adviser approval)
  • Two Art History (one Art History course must address 20th or 21st century topics)

One Art ISP.

To be fulfilled following the fifth-term conference:
A qualifying review and conference in the student’s fifth term includes an AOC application form, a portfolio of 10 images (cd), and a 1-2 page statement of purpose.

Note: Following a satisfactory fifth-term review, up to two studio courses may be satisfied through the Cross College Alliance consortium with Ringling College of Art and Design with prior consent from New College Art Faculty. These courses require prior approval by the Art AOC and cannot replicate existing offerings at NCF.

Two Upper Level Studio Courses (in any discipline):
One Art History Course
Studio Art ISP
One Critical Theory Course (with adviser approval)
Senior Art Seminar (two semesters)
Thesis Tutorial (two semesters)
Thesis Requirements:
Studio Art Thesis Project/Exhibition
Written Thesis
Baccalaureate Exam
Portfolio of 20 images (cd)
Artist Statement
Professional Packet

Joint Disciplinary AOC Requirements

Students may also complete a slash Art AOC. Requirements vary depending on whether Art is on the first or second side of the slash. If Art comes first it is considered a major and all the above course requirements are mandatory. If the Art is on the second side of the slash it is considered a minor with a reduction of requirements by:

  1. one Art History requirement,
  2. one Art ISP,
  3. one upper-level studio course, and
  4. thesis exhibition.


Careers of Art Graduates

Art Teacher
School District of Manatee County

Middle School Visual Arts Teacher
New York City Department of Education

Continuing Education Instructor
Artistic Literacy, Inc., Orange Park, Florida

User Experience Researcher
Google, Boulder, Colorado

Digital Interactive Designer
Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.

SAMPLE PATHWAYS to complete AOC Requirements

These pathways show how you could complete the AOC requirements within four years at New College or within two years after earning an associate’s degree. Please consult with your academic adviser to determine the most appropriate courses for your area of concentration.