Data Science at New College

The art and science of extracting information from datasets offer many exciting and challenging opportunities. Whether you are interested in analyzing consumer transactions, tweets, call data records, or creating stunning visualizations, you will find that the concepts and techniques covered in our Data Science program will be employable in the workforce or a foundation for graduate studies.

Data Science is an interdisciplinary field formed from the amalgamation of Computer Science, Statistics and Mathematics that aims to solve complex problems by revealing information hidden in large datasets known as Big Data. As today’s businesses and IT systems continue to produce massive and ever-increasing amounts of digital data, the need for Data Scientists is greater than ever.

The area of concentration starts with courses that form the foundational knowledge and skills in mathematics, statistics, computer programming, databases and data munging, followed by more advanced courses on statistical models, algorithms, distributed computing, software engineering and machine learning. Students will then complete a senior thesis in data science in any domain of their interest. They can also pursue an interdisciplinary area under the supervision of one or more faculty.


  • Burcin Bozkaya, Professor of Data Science & Director of Applied Data Science Graduate Program
  • Melissa Crow, Instructor of Statistics
  • David Gillman, Associate Professor of Computer Science
  • Bernhard Klingenberg, Professor of Statistics
  • Matthew Lepinski, Associate Professor of Computer Science
  • Patrick T. McDonald, Professor of Mathematics
  • Tiago Perez, Assistant Professor of Data Science
  • Eirini Poimenidou, Professor of Mathematics
  • Tania Roy, Assistant Professor of Human-Centered Computing
  • Andrey Skripnikov, Assistant Professor of Statistics
  • Necmettin Yildirim, Professor of Mathematics

Other faculty from Natural Sciences, Humanities or Social Sciences divisions may also participate as required by the thesis work or additional courses to be taken.


Data Science is a new area of concentration offered as of Fall 2021. The following alumni have recently completed the graduate program in Data Science:

Army Research Lab

PhD Student in Biomedical Informatics
Stanford University

Data Scientist
Akamai Technologies, Inc.

Team Lead Data Scientist
Novetta, Inc.

Data Scientist
Dendra Systems

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