Off-Campus Study / Study abroad

Broaden your horizons!

Who? Students in most Areas of Concentration (AOC) can participate with their academic advisor’s approval. Transfer students should discuss eligibility requirements specific to individual transfer status.

When? Second or third year.

How long? Students can study abroad for a semester, an academic year, during ISP or the Summer.

Where?  Overseas: with a program sponsored by another U.S. institution or a third-party provider, or by creating a self-directed off-campus study project. In the U.S.: with the National Student Exchange.

Visit to search for programs.

How? Remain enrolled at New College, complete an off-campus study contract, and receive a transcript for the course work completed.

Why? Enrich your personal and educational experiences.

For more information, please contact Florence Zamsky in the Academic Resource Center at 941-487-4318 or

Study Abroad

Studying abroad can be a challenging and wonderful experience and New College of Florida can help you do it.

Study abroad testimonials from New College alumni

“Studying abroad was one of the best decisions I made while at college. Not only did it enhance my understanding of global affairs, it also strengthened my Spanish language abilities. Studying abroad expanded my college experience from the New College “bubble,” while simultaneously increasing my appreciation for the unique New College experience. I would recommend that every Novo Collegian study abroad. It’s the ultimate way to get the most out of one’s undergraduate studies.” — Laura, International & Area Studies/Gender Studies AOC, API program in Seville, Spain, Spring 2012.

“Studying abroad was great as a nat sci student. I worked closely with some amazing faculty, was exposed to a variety of topics in biochemistry and biology, and heard lectures from renowned scientists.” — David, Biology AOC, Oxford Study Abroad Program, 2012-2013.

“India was the most challenging and wonderful experience I could imagine. I interned with an Indian NGO in Udaipur that trained women who had been elected to the local government. Not only was this the most impactful part of my trip, but the internship influenced my thesis topic.  Studying abroad was the highlight of my undergraduate career, bringing together all the knowledge I learned at New College with real-life experience in India.” — Laura, International & Area Studies and Political Science AOC, Minnesota Studies in International Development program in Jaipur, India, Fall 2012.

“My study abroad experiences in China were nothing short of life-changing.” — Matt, Psychology/Spanish Language and Culture/Chinese Language and Culture AOC, CET Intensive Chinese Language program in Beijing with a Gilman Scholarship, ISP 2013, and Critical Language Scholarship at Suzhou University, Summer 2013.

“New College enabled me to develop a personalized study abroad experience that was perfect for me!  I was able to spend a semester interning at a refugee camp in Cape Town, which allowed me to do hands-on human rights related work as a supplement to my studies at New College.  Going abroad and doing and internship for a semester was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.” — Natalie, International & Area Studies with a focus on Human Rights AOC, self-directed study abroad project in Cape Town, South Africa, Fall 2012.

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