SET SAIL program at new college of florida

(Success Equals Teamwork, Strategies, And Inspired Learning) is a program of first-year seminars created to support new students in their academic and social transition

Begin your New College voyage with a set sail seminar

Your new beginning at New College will bring exciting opportunities!  You will meet new people and learn about their experiences, you will study new topics and push yourself to master new skills, and you will become part of a new place that is defined by both its physical and social character.  We also know that new beginnings can bring challenges as you navigate a new environment, but we know you can successfully master those challenges and SET SAIL is designed to launch your success.

Every SET SAIL first-year seminar covers a unique topic of academic inquiry and is taught by at least one professor and a student leader.  This teaching team will introduce you to partners from the Writing Resource Center, the Library, the Student Success Center, Student Activities and Campus Engagement, and the Center for Career Engagement and Opportunity so that you build important connections at New College.  Your teaching team will help you:

  • Build connections with your peers through class discussions and a group project
  • Develop skills for scholarly inquiry
  • Navigate the New College academic program, from contracts, to Independent Study Projects, to narrative evaluations
  • Take an active role in each step of your academic trajectory at New College
  • Learn successful strategies to use in any of your classes, including effectively managing projects and assignments big or small, enacting positive teamwork skills, and engaging actively with texts.