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Academic Calendar Spring 2016

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Jan. 4: January Interterm Begins

Jan. 8: ISP Description Forms Submission Deadline (Failure to submit this form to the Registrar’s Office by 5 p.m. will result in automatic termination of the ISP, and forfeiture of the ISP fees)

Jan. 18:  Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Offices Closed)

Jan. 27: Orientation for New Admits 

Jan. 28-29: Mini-Classes 

Jan. 29: January Interterm Ends 


Feb. 1: Spring Classes Begin

Feb. 1: Spring OCS Contracts and Tuition Waivers Deadline

Feb. 5: Late Registration Period Ends ($50 Fee)

Feb. 5: In-State Residency Application Deadline

Feb. 10: Contract Submission Deadline

Feb. 11-12: Late Contracts Submission Period ($50 Fee) 

Feb. 12: Last Day for 100 Percent Tuition Refund

Feb. 12: Tuition and Fees Payment Deadline ($100 Penalty; registrations canceled after 5p.m. if account is not cleared)

Feb. 26: Last Day for 25 Percent Tuition Refund

Feb. 26: Financial Aid Add/Drop Period Deadline


March 18: Final Payment Due on Payment Plans ($100 Fee)

March 18: Module I Ends

Spring Break (Monday-Friday, March 21-25)

March 28: Module II Begins


April 1: LOA/OCS Declaration Deadline

April 1: Deadline to Request Readmission

April 4: Provisional AOC Submission Deadline (for 5th-Term Students)

April 4: Thesis Prospectus Submission Deadline (for 6th-Term Students)

April 6: Fall Registration Begins

April 22: Contract Renegotiation Deadline

April 25-27: Baccalaureate/Reading Days (No Classes)


May 11: Spring Classes End

May 12-13: Reading Days (No Classes)

May 13: Baccalaureate Examination Report Due

May 16: Evaluations Submission Deadline (potential graduates)

May 16-20: Week of Exams/Advising/Evaluation

May 17: Certification Submission Deadline (potential graduates)

May 20: Commencement

May 24: Evaluations Submission Deadline (students on probation)

May 25: Contract Certification Deadline (students on probation)

May 30: Memorial Day (offices closed)


June 1: Interterm ISP Evalutions Deadline

June1: Evaluations Submission Deadline