The Four Winds: A Timeless Symbol

In establishing an emblem, our founders sought a timeless symbol that would be representative of New College and yet would express an eternal truth. In the Four Winds seal, the sun is the central pivot, symbolizing the light of knowledge and the source of life and energy. The gentle and continuously moving lines represent the sea and the wind, the controlled waxing and waning of the four seasons and the four points of the compass. For at least 2,500 years, the flowing movement of this design has had symbolic meanings of continuity and variety, just as it does for New College.

The Four Winds seal has been incorporated into the contemporary signage that has begun to populate our campus. Vehicular traffic can’t help but notice the bold interpretation of the Four Winds placed on either side of the pedestrian bridge spanning U.S. 41. First introduced during our 50th anniversary, this modern reflection of a timeless symbol will appear on all of our wayfinding signage.











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