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A Message from Associate Provost, Suzanne Sherman

Fall Semester Learning Options

July 10th, 2020

Dear Students,
I have received a lot of questions about remote and in-person options, how to know which classes will be taught only remotely, and how students sign up to take their classes. I will try to address these questions as well as I can below, but faculty situations (and student situations) are evolving as the effects of coronavirus on Florida evolve, and more (and possibly different) information will be provided as we get closer to the start of classes. I will be in regular communication with you. Our goal is to keep everyone as safe as possible while delivering a robust education.

(1) First, New College students will “sign up” to take classes in the same manner as pre-pandemic times:

  • You will attend mini-classes (these will all be remote, and some will be synchronous on Thursday and Friday prior to the first day of classes).
  •  You will meet with your contract sponsor remotely (or face-to-face, if possible) to discuss your Preliminary Plan, changes in your course plans, your goals, and other activities in which you will be engaged during the semester. (Please note that if you plan to change contract sponsors for fall it is nice to let your current sponsor know with a brief thank you email).
  • You will develop an eContract together with your contract sponsor, and submit it to them for their signature.

(2) Information about how each class will be delivered (entirely online/remote, online/remote as the primary mode of content delivery with optional in-person activities, in-person as the primary mode of content delivery with options for online/remote attendance, a 50/50 blend of online and in-person activities, with the in-person activities having a remote option, etc.) is not yet available, and this information may change as we get closer to the start of classes, but we will soon have some information about classes that will definitely be entirely online/remote. Additional information will be provided as we get it, but some information may only be available from faculty at their mini-classes.

(3) Options for remote students are fairly limitless. Faculty are deeply involved this summer in preparing to make their remote courses as creative, interesting, and educational as possible. Our faculty will connect individually with students in their courses and tutorials, as is our way at New College, even if remote.

(4) The number of courses that have in-person options will be more limited than usual. We understand that this is not ideal for those of you who feel healthy, miss the before-times, and are frustrated with the pandemic – being robbed of your expected college experience and personal freedoms – but that won’t change the reality. Most in-class face-to-face and other face-to-face interactions will be limited by social-distancing and masks. There may be some in-person classes that don’t have enough classroom space for every student to attend every day. In that case, the faculty will develop a rotating approach to allow any student who wants to attend face-to-face to do so on some days. There will be frustration as unknown details are worked out. A healthy dose of positivity, compassion, and collective can-do attitudes will get us through this together!

I hope you are all staying safe and taking care of yourselves as best you can. As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


Suzanne Sherman, PhD
Associate Provost
(941) 487-4225

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