Why Study Theater at New College?

The program in Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies explores the dynamic nature and multivalent possibilities of performance as an interdisciplinary field.

Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies area of concentration

The program in Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies (TDPS) explores the dynamic nature and multivalent possibilities of performance as an interdisciplinary field. TDPS operates at the intersection of theory and practice, training students to engage with multiple forms of performance, in traditional theatrical contexts as well as broader ways of thinking and being in society. TDPS conceives of performance expansively, valuing broad connections over narrow specialization.

Students will learn to communicate effectively in speech, writing, and embodied practice, to collaborate effectively with others, and to apply their skills in critical analysis to both the production and the consumption of the performances that surround us. The program is broadly interdisciplinary, involving faculty with many different areas of expertise and preparing students for collaborative endeavors in many fields after graduation, including but not limited to careers in the performing arts.


Recent Theses

  • Mapping Identity: Relationships Between In/Out Space
  • Explorations of Irishness in Synge, McDonagh, Yeats, & Beckett
  • Hear Say: Identity, Communication, and Language in the Modern Metaplay or Adventures in Playwriting
  • Frailty Thy Name is Woman: A Theatrical Exploration of Motherhood and Masochistic Play
  • Killing Pearl: When Hester Chooses Infanticide–Confronting Motherhood and the Redemptive Fantasy of The Scarlet Letter in Suzan-Lori Parks’s The Red Letter Plays
  • On the Nature of the Puppet: An Exploration of Four Puppet-Plays
  • Dramatic Production: An Acting Workshop for Writers
  • Theatre of the Community: Connecting Communities in North Sarasota
  • Acting Existentialism: Jean-Paul Sarte’s Huis Clos… Adaptation, Production and Criticism
  • More than Heavenly Power Permits: The Faust Myth and Man’s Striving in Marlowe’s “Doctor Faustus,” Goethe’s “Faust” and Bulgakov’s “The Master and Margarita”
 TDPS takes advantage of the vibrant performing arts resources in the greater Sarasota community such as Urbanite Theater, West Coast Black Theater Troupe, Asolo Repertory Theater, Florida Studio Theater, Players of Sarasota, Sarasota Contemporary Dance Company, Kuumba Dancers and Drummers, Sarasota Ballet, and Sarasota Opera amongst others. Practicum courses are taught by artists and scholars that are active in their field affiliated with professional Theatre and dance companies and the acting faculty at the FSU Asolo Conservatory. Student internships with professional companies are available in many areas of theatre, dance, arts management, and education. Students also have the opportunity to take performance courses at other Sarasota area colleges through the Cross College Alliance.

More Information

Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies Curriculum

By graduation, students need to have taken the equivalent of 8-10 courses in theater or about half the total courses for their entire, joint-disciplinary Area of Concentration.

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Black Box Theater

Driving directions: 
5845 General Dougher Place Sarasota, FL 34243 Park in the Sudakoff Lot, Enter the theater through Hamilton Center

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[performance @ new college]

[performance @ new college] is a collegiate theatrical production company under the artistic direction of the faculty in theatre and performance studies. The primary purpose of our production company is to provide practicum opportunities for students in the joint disciplinary Theatre AOC and to invite students from across the campus to engage with the performing arts.

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