Each year, New College of Florida students are awarded some of the most prestigious funded research opportunities, study abroad scholarships, undergraduate and post-graduate scholarships and fellowships.

Pursuing an opportunity can be a valuable experience that will help prepare you to reach your professional and career goals. For example, with a summer research experience through the National Science Foundation-Research Experience for Undergraduates (NSF-REU) program, you can gain valuable research experience and earn a stipend of $3,500 or more. If you are a Pell Grant recipient, a Gilman Scholarship for Study Abroad will support a study abroad experience that can change your perception of who you are and what you can do. National undergraduate and post-graduate scholarships provide financial support for your undergraduate studies and can help you prepare for careers in research, public policy, and the foreign service.

Pathways to Professional and Career Development

Early engagement with scholarship and funding opportunities can play a valuable role in academic and career planning.

  • Applying for a scholarship or funding opportunity will help you build important transferable skills: articulating a goal and identifying the steps to achieve the goal, writing concisely and persuasively for an audience, planning a budget, working with mentors, and managing a
  • Funding support for study abroad and/or summer research can provide experiences that will contribute to your thesis, other academic or career goals, at the same time they contribute to personal development, career planning and post-graduate success.
  • Developing a competitive application for national scholarship or funding opportunities can help you clarify your academic and career goals, identify programs of study or other learning experiences that will contribute to post-graduate success, and develop ways of articulating your experiences, goals, and ambitions to

For a one-on-one to discuss any scholarship, fellowship, or funding opportunity, or a Student Research and Travel Grant (SRTG), you can schedule a “Fellowships & Scholarships Appointment” through Handshake (tile in myNCF) with Duane Smith, the Assistant Director for Prestigious Fellowships.

New College Funding Resources

Student Research and Travel Grants (SRTG) support thesis-related research and travel, conference presentations, and independent study projects. SRTG is funded through the New College Alumnae/i Association and the New College Foundation.

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CEO Micro-Grants provide funding support for:

  • Internship travel-related expenses (max. $250)
  • Supplies and Materials for small research or study-related projects (max. $100)
  • Conference presentations (max. $500) – ideal for local or virtual (For conferences with larger costs, see Student Research and Travel Grants

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Decisions within 2-3 weeks. Apply online:

CEO Micro-Grant Application

External Scholarships, Fellowships, and Funding Opportunities

Every year, there are several hundred opportunities offered. Identifying opportunities that will be most helpful to you achieving your goals can be challenging. Opportunities with upcoming deadlines are posted on the Scholarship / Fellowship Bulletin Board, or you can narrow the possibilities by searching through the listings provided on Scholarship-Fellowship Database.

How to Use the Scholarship-Fellowship Database:

To identify the opportunities of greatest relevance to your interests, use the Filter function, selecting for

  • Level – UG (undergraduate) or PG (post-graduate)
  • Category – Scholarship, Fellowship, Research, or Resource (links to additional lists of opportunities)
  • Focus – Indicates the opportunity’s area of support:
    • Arts & Humanities
    • Business & Social Entrepreneurship
    • Health Care
    • International Affairs
    • Journalism
    • Language & International Study
    • Law
    • Multiple Fields (opportunities that support many or all areas of interest)
    • Public Service
    • Service Fellowships – International
    • Service Fellowships – National
    • Social and Behavioral Sciences
    • STEM Fields
    • Teaching Fellowships – International
    • Teaching Fellowships – National
  • Diversity – Opportunities that primarily or exclusively support diversity: Ability / LGBTQ+ / Minority, Underrepresented, Ethnic / Non-traditional Family Backgrounds / Women
  • Deadline – Select to see generally when deadlines fall.

You can also find opportunities that do not require US citizenship, but filtering “Comments” and selecting “DACA” and/or “citizen.”

Once you’ve filtered the table to identify the opportunities that fit your interest, hover over the Title of the Opportunity, and click on VIEW to see a description and a link to the program’s website.  You can also “print” opportunities of particular interest by selecting the “print” icon, and saving the overview as a pdf to your computer.

View the Scholarship-Fellowship Database

New College students have a distinguished record in achieving awards through the Fulbright U.S. Student Program – since 1968, they have earned 86 awards to study, do research, or teach in over 36 countries.

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