Advising at New College

From navigating mini-classes to completing your final thesis project, your academic life at the college will largely be shaped through the conversations you have with your sponsor.


Navigating New College well is your key to success, and your faculty sponsor is your most valuable partner on the journey.

From mini-classes to your baccalaureate exam, your academic life at the college will largely be shaped through the conversations you have with your sponsor. We call our advisors “sponsors” for a reason: instead of merely assigning classes to you, they work collaboratively with you, setting goals and forging a path that brings them to fruition.

The information on these pages is meant to support students, their sponsors, and anyone else who might have an advising-related question. For more detailed information, students should always speak directly with their sponsors and appropriate campus offices.

Keys to Student Success

Guidelines for Advisers

Quick links

*NEW* – Student Resources for Continuing Instruction

Academic Dishonesty Booklet — policies and procedures regarding academic dishonesty and plagiarism, FAQ’s and all you need to know about citations and bibliographies.
Academic Learning Outcomes (ALC) — these documents detail student learning outcomes in each AOC in three areas:
1. Discipline-specific knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors
2. Communication
3. Critical thinking
Academic Program Glossary — your guide to New College’s many colloquialisms.
Bookstore – Follett bookstore serving NCF & USF-SM.
Class Schedule — online information about courses in the current term.
Civics Literacy Resources
Cross Registration — our participation in the Cross College Alliance allows eligible students to be accepted on a space-available basis at four other local colleges after the host institution’s regularly enrolled or continuing students have registered.
Disability Services for Students
Excess Hour Surcharge Information
Faculty Roster  – Fall 2020 (NEW – note divisional/program tabs at bottom of document)
Financial Aid FAQs

First Semester Guide — your first semester at New College.
General Catalog 2020-21
     Archived Catalogs
Liberal Arts Curriculum (LAC) Guidelines
ISP Handbook – Jan 2020
Petitions (download form for a fillable document)

  • If you need to petition the Provost Office to waive a current policy (such as form submittal after a deadline or the Langston Rule), please fill out the form found here.
  •  If you need to petition the Provost Office to waive the requirement for first-year students to complete an ISP off campus, please fill out the form found here.
  • If you are planning to complete OCS and enroll directly at the attending institution, please fill out the form here.

*All the above forms can be submitted in person to Cook Hall 214 or via email to

Pre-Med Prep Guide; LSAT Prep Guides
Textbook List – required textbook list for fall 2020
Thesis/Senior Project Resource link (Bacc Announcement form & Calendar here)

Information at a glance

Academic Calendar

Never miss an important date or deadline.

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Office of the Registrar

Find information concerning contracts, contract renegotiations, ISPs and AOC forms.

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See for yourself

We have a full page of videos that explain, in detail, some of the unique and important things about New College. Information about Contracts, opportunities to study abroad and the Bacc Exam are all covered. You can meet our Librarians and check out the Business Office and Registrar’s Office.

Other videos:

Thesis Pathways: Process and Change

Thesis Pathways: Value of the Experience

Thesis Pathways: Myths and Perceptions

The Senior Thesis is a challenge every New College of Florida student faces. Some recent graduates share advice