academic requirements for baccalaureate degree

Degree Requirements

1) Seven (7) satisfactory semester academic contracts

2) Three (3) satisfactory Independent Study Projects (ISPs)

3) Satisfactory completion of 31 course units

4) Satisfactory completion of the Liberal Arts Curriculum (LAC) requirements as follows: (minimum of eight units)

  • Disciplinary Breadth (with at least one LAC unit from each of the three
    academic divisions: Humanities, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences)
  • Proficiency in Mathematics (There are many ways to fulfill this requirement such as achieving a score of 530 or higher on the SAT math section or a satisfactory evaluation for a NCF math course. Please refer to the General Catalog online for other ways to fulfill this requirement.)
  • Diverse Perspectives (1 unit of course work that addresses issues of race, class, gender, and/or religious difference)

5) Civic Literacy requirement (applies to undergraduate students initially entering New College of Florida fall semester 2018 and thereafter)

6) Advanced Proficiency in Written and Oral English Language (Satisfactory completion of a Senior Thesis or Project and a Baccalaureate Examination [an oral defense of the Senior Thesis or Project] fulfills this requirement)

Students may fulfill all or part of the LAC requirements through eligible transfer course credit or acceptable scores on AP, IB, AICE, or CLEP examinations.

Approved LAC courses are found online in the Class Schedule by semester and indicated by an asterisk (*) after the course title.