Resources in Gender Studies

The Gender Studies Office is open for several hours each week and our Program Coordinator, Alice Shipman, is a useful resource to consult. We also hold books, DVDs, and some materials on local volunteer and internship opportunities. We also suggest that you contact our current Program Director and our Program Advisor to ask about applying for a concentration in Gender Studies. Gender Studies provides program requirements that helps you apply for the AOC and also to track your progress. The Career Center also collects useful information for volunteer and internship options and we often share information with them.

Student Affairs also supports gender-related activities and events. The Gender and Diversity Center (GDC) is a meeting place for student groups interested in working on social justice issues.The GDC's professional staff strives to foster an environment that is conducive to the social, intellectual and academic well-being of the New College of Florida community by providing a space that facilitates learning and by making available resources for exploring, communicating and supporting diverse experiences. Through programming, advocacy and collaboration, the GDC coordinator dedicates his/her services and resources to working with campus entities to facilitate an environment that is inclusive, responsive and supportive to the needs of underrepresented campus participants at New College of Florida. The Center is available for studying, impromptu meetings and relaxing! We have a television/VCR, slide projector and a dry erase board, and can comfortably seat up to 25 people.
 We offer programming related to diversity, multiculturalism and student success issues; diversity and gender related materials that may be borrowed; a place to host meetings and gatherings; leadership development and transition support.

Peggy Bates Award

Each year the Gender Studies program gives a small award named for Professor Emerita Margaret (Peggy) Bates to students who have presented their research at academic conferences or who have completed special research at another institution related to Gender Studies. More information on these awards is available through the Gender Studies Office.

Getting Involved

Gender Studies students are especially likely to be involved with student groups or local organizations addressing issues of reproductive health, poverty and access to services or education, domestic violence, body image, etc. For instance, some students are involved with:

• The campus chapter of VOX, a group allied with Planned Parenthood.
• Also-Out locally with gay, lesbian, and transgender teens.
• Literacy and after-school tutoring for K-12 students.

Visiting Speakers

Visiting speakers come not solely to deliver a single large lecture, but to work with students and faculty in workshops, tutorials and informal gatherings. Past speakers and events include:

Marilyn Lerner, internationally acclaimed jazz pianist, improviser and psychotherapist, also performed as part of New Music New College.

bell hooks, acclaimed professor, author, cultural critic, and activist whose work focuses on the connectivity between race, capitalism and gender.

Joan Roughgarden, noted ecologist and evolutionary biologist, Stonewall Book Award winner, and Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the Guggenheim Foundation.

Joan Benoit, Olympic marathon gold medalist, motivational speaker, and women in sports activist.

Fatou Diop, sociologist from Université Gaston Berger and Fulbright Fellow: Specialist in the Muslim World.

Michael Messner, professor, sociologist and author whose work focuses on gender-based violence, Pursuit of Justice Award winner from California Women's Law Center.

Ruth Behar, McArthur Fellow and Professor of Anthropology at University of Michigan, acclaimed author.

George Rousseau, professor and cultural historian at University of Oxford, co-director of the Centre for the History of Childhood, fellow of the Royal Historical Society.


In addition to traditional coursework, New College students often engage in internships and other off-campus opportunities to gain real-world experience that provides excellent preparation for graduate school and employment.  Below is a list of organizations that our students in Gender Studies have recently interned with:

SPARCC (Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center)
Women’s Resource Center of Sarasota County
Family Law Connection
ALSO Out Gay Youth
Planned Parenthood of Sarasota, FL, and Boston, MA


Our Gender Studies alums have gone on to careers as professors, physicians, founders and directors of nonprofits, attorneys, communications executives, public policy-makers, teachers, authors, filmmakers and more.

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