Financial success at New College begins with learning about personal finances and identifying any problems that might be in the way of you reaching your financial goals.

Growing financially sound together

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The Problem

A lot of students don't realize that the underlying stress and anxiety about finances is impacting their academic success. We help solve financial troubles.
  • Financial instability is stressful
  • Cumulative debt can drown your vision
  • Living in the unknown is confusin
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The Plan

There is a plan for your personal finances. Sometimes navigating the adulting world of money can be overwhelming. It doesn't need to be. Our Financial Wellness Coach is here to help you navigate the problems by coming up with a plan through education, counseling or coaching. No matter where you are on your financial journey, we want to come alongside of you to assist in making a solid life plan for your financial future. No financial problem is too big to handle, nor too messy to tackle. Book an appointment today.
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Step Three
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The Coach

Ceci Linton comes to New College with a varied career path, all of which culminates in her role at NCF as the Financial Wellness Coach. Her career launched with years of youth programming, team building, and experiential education as well as her 3 years working in the Financial Industry where she held a Series 7 License. All of her experience, including as a professional counselor, has given Ceci a passion to help people who need to make wise decisions regarding money.

She earned her Master’s degree in Professional Counseling which blends itself well in addressing issues around behavioral finance. Students want to discuss the behaviors that do impact so much of their relationship with money. From the money “hoarder” to the impulsive spender, we all have a relationship with money and ways we choose to utilize it or abuse it.

No matter where someone is in their financial journey, Ceci can coach them along. It’s worth their time to sit with her and discover the world of personal finance. Ceci can meet in person or schedule a virtual visit.
”Don’t tell me where your priorities are. Show me where you spend your money and I’ll tell you what they are.” – James W. Frick
Financial Wellness " practice highlights the importance of financial educators who use empathy and identify learners specific goals, understand the learners financial conditions and help the learner achieve their own goals."

U.S. Financial Literacy and Education Commission 2019
Ceci Linton

The Person

Cecilia Linton

Financial Aid Manager
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Not Sure What To Talk About?

You do NOT need to have a plan or know what to talk about in the meeting. We will know how to guide you on your journey and help you begin to navigate financial matters on your own. If you are stressed about money, or anxious about the financial future, a visit can help you alleviate your worries. If you are wondering about how money works, have a problem to solve, or are anxious about your financial future, just book an appointment today.

Students come to discuss all of the following and more:
  • Budgeting
  • Credit Cards
  • Credit Scores
  • Debt
  • Loans and repayment
  • Money Management
  • Emergency Funds
  • Savings
  • Investing
  • Employment Benefits packages
You will receive 1:1 focused attention on the needs you identify. You do not need a referral to make an appointment:
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Non-Academic Challenges

  • Financial stress distracts from academics
  • Financial strain drives academic shortcuts
  • How students eat affects academic performance
  • Precarious finances trigger improvisation, not planning, lack of budgeting
  • Social networks augment resources and cushion financial crises, family to live with and support them
  • Public Benefits can bolster academics, but students rarely seek to use them
  • Students may budget, but unexpected costs often disrupt those plans
  • Summer reduces financial predictability and can derail academic progression, income varies
  • What students don’t know about financial aid can impede academic success. Not SAP-ping a course can cause them to lose their aid.
  • Cost concerns and debt aversion plus uncertain plans impact college choice.

To find out if you could benefit from a Financial Wellness Checkup, fill out this survey:
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Here's what students have said when asked if a meeting with the Financial Coach addressed their concerns:

Yes, Ceci checked in every step of the way to make sure that we were pursuing what I wanted and what I was comfortable with.

“The financial Wellness Specialist was very clear and direct with addressing my questions. They have provided resources and recommendations, methods, and steps to take. They have also followed up after the meeting with more resources and links to go through to support what we talked about.”

“Yes. I was given the personal attention I was looking for, and we discussed the things I wanted to discuss.”

Meeting with Ceci Linton, made me aware of the options available to me and the situation I was in which dispelled all of the anxiety I was feeling surrounding my financial situation.

“It was a big weight lifted off of my shoulders. Ceci is so easy to talk to and she gives me so much motivation to make financial changes! She is AWESOME!”

After my meeting with Ceci, I felt a lot better about the situation I was in. Though she couldn’t help me right away with my problem, she was able to take me to where I needed to go to get the answers and help I needed. Her kindness and willingness to go above and beyond to get me in contact with who I needed to talk to meant so much and made me feel so supported.