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The START Center serves as the student-facing hub, assisting students with questions or concerns they may have as it relates to key offices, including:
Finance and Accounting, Financial Aid, Registration, and Records, as well as personal mentoring around topics of Financial Wellness and Scholarships!

Feel free to bookmark this site as a “Go-To” place (with helpful contact info) and/or come and visit in person!

  • STEP 1: Instructions for an NCF ID

New College ID Card Application

Have your photo taken at the START Center or Choose to upload your own headshot photo (with your face clearly visible and a neutral background, like a passport photo) → Complete form, (if uploading a photo, please allow 24 hours to process) and submit

Your NCF ID is available for pickup at the START Center. Please bring a state-issued photo ID for verification.

  • STEP 2: How to Purchase a Parking Pass

Purchase Parking Permit

All cars driving and parking on NCF campus must have an NCF Parking Permit clearly displayed from their rear-view mirror at all times. You can purchase an annual permit for the entire year for $75.00 or one each semester for $37.50.

Complete form (select permit type, enter car info) → To complete purchase, select “Add to Cart” in top right → Click on the cart → Choose payment type, enter payment info → Select “check out” icon.

Parking Permit will be available for pickup at the START Center or placed in the student’s mailbox, based on delivery method preference.

  • STEP 3: Complete FERPA Consent to Disclosure Form

FERPA Consent to Disclosure Form

Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), New College of Florida is permitted to disclose information from your education records to your parent(s) or legal guardians(s) if they claim you as a dependent for federal income tax purposes. Your consent to disclosure is optional.

Select FERPA Consent to Disclosure Form → Complete form and submit.

  • STEP 4: Payee Designation Form and How to Make a Payment

Student Financial Statement Payee Designation

NCF sends all financial information to your email on a monthly basis. If you would like to invite others to view statements and make payments, please complete the following:

Sign into MyNCF Gateway using personal login ( → Click the NewCleis Tile → Select “View and Pay Bill” → Scroll down to middle of the page to section titled “Do you want help paying?” → Choose “Send a payer invitation” → Fill in information for payee; they’ll receive an email from NCF with instructions to complete this sign up.   

To Make a Payment.  You’re always able to see your financial bill online. Monthly statements are emailed out to the NCF email address (as well as to any additional payees on file, see above). NCF accepts payments online using a credit card or eCheck.

Sign into MyNCF Gateway using personal login ( → Click the NewCleis Tile → Select “View and Pay Bill” → Click “Make a Payment” (select the payment to be made) → Hit Continue → Make payment online with credit card or eCheck

Handwritten checks may also be delivered in person to the START Center and/or mailed to New College of Florida, Business Office, 5800 Bay Shore Road, Sarasota, FL 34243.

NCF Payment Plan Options: New College of Florida does offer Payment Plan Options to help spread out any student finance charges.

It’s only $15 to sign up, and there are no interest charges. Enrollment  opens on August 14, 2023. Apply by 8/25/23 for the 4 Payment Plan option. The deadline to set up a plan is 9/22/23. Click the NewCleis tile for details.

  • STEP 5: Financial Aid and Title IV Authorization

Financial Aid and Title IV Authorization Form

This is a form that authorizes the College to use any extra financial aid and scholarship money to cover book advances. Extra money will be reimbursed via direct deposit, so be sure to complete the Direct Deposit form.

Select Financial Aid and Title IV Authorization Form (with Federal Aid Disbursement) → Complete form and submit.

  • STEP 6: Sign Up for Direct Deposit of Refunds

Student Direct Deposit Authorization Form

There may be times when you have received more scholarship money or financial aid than you owe to NCF, we would then issue you a refund. After signing up, all refunds will be directly deposited into your bank account.

Select the Student Direct Deposit Authorization Form → Complete Form with your routing and bank account numbers. → Read and then click the disclaimer statement. → Press next and submit the form.

START Center Team

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