Parking Services Traffic & Parking Regulations

This regulation describes how faculty, staff, students, visitors and guests can appropriately drive and park on the NCF campus. All members of the NCF community holding a valid license are privileged to use properly registered motor vehicles, motor scooters, bicycles and other mechanical conveyances on the campus of NCF in accordance with the terms of these regulations.


  1. The NCF Police Department and Parking Services are responsible for enforcing parking regulations at NCF. Parking Services is also responsible for vehicle registration and administration of parking citations, payment, and appeals.
  2. 2. NCF strives to provide adequate parking for its employees, students and visitors, and must charge fees for use of parking spaces in order to pay for the operation of Parking Services and the maintenance of campus parking facilities. Due to the size of the staff and student bodies, NCF does not guarantee parking to all students and staff paying for spaces.
  3. 3. For those community members parking on campus, NCF provides for, but does not guarantee, the safety and security of vehicles, property and persons within NCF parking facilities.


  1. Parking Services and the NCF Police Department are authorized to directly and immediately enforce these regulations on the NCF campus. The NCF Police Department is authorized to make arrests and issue moving traffic citations on campus. For further description of the NCF Police Department’s authority and jurisdiction, see NCF Regulation 3-6100 NCF Police.
  2. NCF Police and staff of Parking Services are authorized to issue parking citations for parking and registration violations in accordance with these regulations 24 hours a day.
  3. For those community members parking on campus, NCF provides for, but does not guarantee, the safety and security of vehicles, property and persons within NCF parking facilities.

(a) Disabled Parking. Specifically designated parking for anyone legally qualified to use disabled parking.

(b) Holidays. Official NCF holidays only. Academic breaks and weekends are not holidays.

(c) Licensee. A person or entity that is present on the grounds of NCF because they have entered into an agreement with NCF for use of NCF’s facilities.

(d) Loading/Unloading Zones. Spaces specifically designated for vehicles making deliveries and pick-ups.

(e) Parking. Stopping a vehicle on the side of the road, on the road, or off the road when not required to do so by law or regulation. The parked condition is not altered by occupancy of the vehicle, leaving the vehicle’s motor running, or engaging the vehicle’s flashing hazard light.

(f) Parking Services. NCF’s parking office.

(g) Permit. A distinctive adhesive decal or hangtag issued by Parking Services.

(h) Registered Vehicle. Any vehicle that is registered with Parking Services by filing an application that provides the necessary vehicle/owner/driver identification information and paying the appropriate fee.

(i) Reserved Space. Individually marked space reserved for the specified user.

(j) Service Drive. Areas of campus that provide access for delivery service and emergency vehicles only.

(k) Staff. Faculty, adjuncts, A&P, USPS, full-time, part-time and non-student OPS employees.

(l) Student. All persons other than “staff” as defined above, who are enrolled at NCF regardless of whether they are attending classes.

(m) Temporary Permit. A permit issued by Parking Services or other authorized persons for visitors, persons temporarily incapacitated, nonenrolled students, persons on special NCF assignment and persons temporarily using another vehicle.

(n) Timed Spaces. Parking spaces specifically designated for vehicles making short term stops of no greater than the time posted for the space.

(o) Vendor/Contractor. Any person/company that has entered into a contract with NCF to provide a service to NCF, regardless of the length of the contract.

(p) Visitor. Any person who is not a member of the NCF community (student, staff, faculty, vendor/contractor or licensee) on the NCF campus.

(q) Volunteer. Any person who provides volunteer services and receives no compensation from NCF for those services.

(r) Retired. Faculty and staff who have retired from NCF and are not currently employed by NCF.

(a) Vehicles used on campus by staff and enrolled students, regardless of number of hours or days, night or day, full time or part time, must be registered and must bear a valid NCF permit.

(b) Vehicles may be registered online at

(c) The person registering a vehicle must present a valid NCF faculty, staff, or student ID card, or a letter from the employer, which justifies the type of permit requested. Disabled registrants must present a copy of their disabled registration. All registrants are responsible for providing Parking Services with a current address and current information on vehicle ownership.

(d) All vehicles on campus must be registered prior to parking in any non-visitor spaces.

(e) There is no grace period for registration of vehicles and acquisition of NCF permits. New and returning employees may obtain a temporary permit for fourteen (14) calendar days from the start date of their employment. Proof of employment is required.

(f) Marked delivery trucks or commercial vehicles (driven by commercial representatives), telephone and power service vehicles, limousine service automobiles, taxis and buses making brief stops in the appropriate spaces or zones at one or more points on campus are not required to pay a parking fee or display a permit unless the vehicles will be parked. When parked, these vehicles shall utilize designated loading/unloading zones for a period of no more than 30 minutes.

(a) When the vehicle is parked, hangtags must be hung from the rearview mirror bracket with the registration number plainly visible through the front window of the vehicle. Having tinted windows or using a sunscreen or a car cover does not preclude the necessity of ensuring the hangtag is plainly visible.

(b) Hangtags may not be transferred from registrant to another vehicle operator who would otherwise be required to register his or her vehicle.

(c) Hangtags are transferable to any vehicle owned by the registrant.

(d) Adhesive decals are only issued to those registrants with convertibles or other open vehicles. The decal must be permanently affixed to the left rear bumper and/or the left side rear windshield of the vehicle (outside only). Improper display of decal may result in a citation being issued and a fine being charged.

(e) Adhesive decals for all two-wheeled vehicles must be displayed on the rear fender of the vehicle unless otherwise approved by Parking Services.

(f) NCF permits may not be reproduced, altered, or transferred by anyone other than Parking Services.

(g) The person who owns or registers a vehicle is responsible for assuring that the vehicle, regardless of who drives it, is parked in conformance with the rules and regulations and for knowing when the issued permit expires.

(h) All citations issued to a permit will be that registrant’s responsibility regardless of which vehicle the permit is on at the time of the infraction, unless a lost/stolen affidavit form regarding that permit has previously been submitted to Parking Services.

(i) Any vehicle parked on campus is parked at the risk of the operator. Permits declared lost or stolen will immediately become invalid. An affidavit must be completed for lost or stolen permits or in the event that the permit was sold with the car. If recovered, the permit will be reclaimed by Parking Services and destroyed. Any vehicle bearing a lost/stolen permit is subject to immediate tow, even if the person who has reported the permit as lost/stolen owns the vehicle
bearing the permit.

(j) All NCF staff, students and visitors who own, register, and have more than one vehicle on campus at the same time are required to have a valid permit displayed on each vehicle.

(k) NCF students, faculty and staff have the option of purchasing a State of Florida issued New College of Florida Vehicle License Tag.

(l) According to 4.1.1 of the NCF Faculty Handbook, faculty who have been officially awarded the honorary title of Emeritus/a are entitled to free parking. Retired faculty with Emeritus/a status must still register their vehicle with Parking Services and display a hang tag when parked on campus.

(a) Refunds. No refunds are issued for permits, including replacement permits.

(b) Permits for change of status, student to staff, or hangtag to adhesive, are issued free of charge upon presentation of the old permit and proof of status change.

(c) Only debit card or credit card payments online will be accepted for payment of parking permit.

(a) The absence of “No Parking” signs or curb markings does not mean that parking is allowed. Parking is permitted only within marked spaces or areas with mulch or shell surfaces.

(b) Parking on or over a marker line is prohibited. Vehicles parked parallel to a curb shall be within one foot of the curb and inside parking markers.

(c) Vehicles shall not be parked facing traffic in those lots with angled parking. For those lots with straight-in parking (90 degree), a vehicle may also be parked with the rear of the vehicle towards the closed end of the parking space.

(d) Where parallel parking is permitted, vehicles must be parked facing the flow of traffic.

(e) Vehicles shall not be parked in such a manner as to obstruct vehicular/pedestrian traffic, wheelchair ramps, to interfere with normal NCF operational activities or to create a hazard.

(f) Double parking is always prohibited.

(g) Parking on grass, sidewalks, crosswalks, service drives, loading zones, truck spaces, or on streets, except where specifically marked for parking, is prohibited.

(h) Parking on grass is prohibited except in the case of overflow parking for events and where bumper blocks indicate parking is allowed on mulch or grass.

(i) Major repairs to non-NCF owned vehicles shall not be performed on campus.

(j) Unauthorized parking in RESERVED spaces is prohibited.

(k) A vehicle parked and remaining at the same unloading zone or timed space will not receive more than two tickets for overtime violations in the same calendar day.

(l) Campus map and parking lot signs indicate where staff and students shall park according to the type of permit displayed on the vehicle. Vehicles may only be parked in the appropriate lots and spaces.

(m) Unless otherwise marked, all loading/unloading zones have a 30minute time limit.

(n) Only authorized vehicles may be parked in disabled spaces.

(o) Oversized vehicles such as trucks, trailers, motor homes, or any vehicle that occupies more than one standard car space or extends beyond the space shall be parked in an area designated by Parking Services or the Campus Police Department. The maximum allowance time for parking in this manner is seven (7) calendar days.

(p) Vehicles may not be used as overnight domiciles, except under emergency conditions and only with the prior approval of Parking Services.

(q) Special Events and Maintenance. Parking Services has authority to close streets, lots and parking spaces to facilitate NCF special events, and to perform necessary maintenance. Contact Parking Services when planning a special event at NCF to receive proper parking permits and assignments. No department has the authority to close any lots prior to 5:00 p.m. without first seeking permission from Parking Services.

(a) A person who is currently registered with Parking Services and temporarily not in possession of his/her permit must obtain a temporary parking permit before parking on campus.

(b) On request to Parking Services permits may be issued to park out of assigned areas for extraordinary reasons (such as temporary incapacitation or for security reasons).

(c) Students, faculty, or staff sponsoring or co-sponsoring an event on campus shall request temporary parking permits at least two weeks in advance from Parking Services for the event participants.

(d) Visitors not using reserved “visitor spaces” must obtain daily permits from Parking Services, PMD, 5800 Bay Shore Road, Sarasota, Florida 34234 or the NCF Police Department.

(a) Any staff member or student with a disabled placard or license plate may park in the marked disabled parking spaces.

(b) Wheelchair-bound registrants are entitled to a special disabled parking space.

(c) All spaces designated for the disabled are reserved 24 hours a day.

(a) Traffic rules, regulations and directive signs governing the use of motor vehicles are in effect 24 hours a day, all year long. Inclement weather does not bar their enforcement.

(b) Motorists shall yield the right-of-way to pedestrians within a crosswalk.

(c) The campus speed limit is 20 mph unless otherwise posted. Speed limit in parking lots is 10 mph.

(d) It is unlawful to drive in the opposite direction of the normal flow of traffic.

(e) It is unlawful to remove, alter, or change any traffic control device, sign, barricade, or traffic cone. It is also unlawful to drive around barricades, traffic cones in the roadway, or parking lots that are closed by Parking Services.

(f) All Florida traffic laws are enforceable on campus.

(a) Drivers of scooters, motorcycles, bicycles and mopeds are responsible for observing the same traffic regulations as those governing larger motor vehicles.

(b) Drivers may not drive, ride or park scooters, mopeds, or motorcycles on grass, sidewalks or in the confines of a building.

(c) It is unlawful for more than one person to ride on a vehicle at the same time, unless the vehicle is designed for and equipped with a seat for each person.

(d) Drivers of two- or three-wheeled motorized vehicles shall use designated motorcycle locations only with the purchase of a motorcycle permit. However, a driver of a two- or three-wheeled motorized vehicle may choose to purchase a full value permit at regularly stated prices and park their two- or three-wheeled vehicle in a regular vehicle space.

(e) Holders of motorcycle or bicycle permits are entitled to a maximum of five (5) days, annually, of temporary parking permits for four-wheeled vehicles.

(f) All two- or three-wheeled motor vehicles must be registered with Parking Services.

(g) Motorcycles cannot display automobile permits at any time; therefore, registered owners of four-wheeled vehicles who have motorcycles are required to register and purchase permits for each vehicle or motorcycle they wish to park on campus.

(h) NCF Police will ticket bicyclists for MOVING VIOLATIONS on streets or sidewalks. Bicycle Regulations are outlined in section 316.2065, Florida Statutes.

(i) A person propelling a bicycle by human power upon and along a sidewalk, or across a roadway upon and along a crosswalk, has all the rights and duties applicable to a pedestrian under the same circumstances, but the cyclist shall yield the right-of-way to any pedestrian and shall give an audible signal before overtaking and passing such pedestrian.

(a) Vehicles are subject to being immobilized by a mechanical boot or towed away at the operator’s expense under any of the following conditions:

  1. Unauthorized parking in reserved or disabled spaces.
  2. Parking without a valid permit or displaying a counterfeit, stolen, altered, lost or revoked permit.
  3. Abandoning a vehicle (disabled or otherwise) for three (3) consecutive days or more. In order to avoid having their vehicle towed, the operator of a disabled vehicle must notify Parking Services between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. or the NCF Police Department after 5 p.m. on weekdays and on weekends and holidays.
  4. Parking in such a way as to disrupt normal NCF operational activities.
  5. Obstructing traffic.
  6. Creating a hazardous condition.
  7. Having five (5) or more outstanding citations.
  8. Attempting to remove and/or damage an immobilization device.

(b) Vehicles that have been immobilized by a mechanical boot are towed at the owner’s expense. The owner is required to pay for the outstanding citations, the immobilization fee and applicable towing charges prior to claiming his or her vehicle. The fact that a previously immobilized vehicle has been removed from the area without authorization from Parking Services shall be prima facie evidence that the registered owner has tampered with the immobilized vehicle. Owners of immobilized vehicles may make restitution during office hours at Parking Services PMD 5800 Bay Shore Road, Sarasota, Florida 34243. Such payments will not be accepted after hours or through the weekend/holidays. Vehicles will remain immobilized until restitution is made on one of the next business days.

(c) A signed release slip must be obtained from Parking Services before owner’s towed vehicle may be reclaimed from the towing company. The release slip will be issued after vehicle registration fees and outstanding citation fees are paid at Parking Services. In addition, the owner or operator of the towed vehicle must provide proper identification to the towing company and pay the towing charges in cash to the towing company before reclaiming the vehicle from the towing company.

(a) Operators of vehicles are subject to fines in accordance with the schedule of fines as approved by the NCF BOT through Regulation 3-1002 Tuition and Fees Schedule.

(b) Permission to operate a vehicle on campus may be revoked for a period up to twelve (12) months and the operator so notified by Parking Services under the following circumstances:

  1. The person falsifies or misrepresents information on any documents completed for Parking Services.
  2. The person lends his/her vehicle to another person when the latter is not entitled to driving privileges.
  3. The person required to register a vehicle does not respond to citations.
  4. The person demonstrates actions that show a willful disregard for public safety or the NCF community.
  5. The person owes a delinquent debt to NCF.

(c) Any violation not cleared at the end of twenty-one (21) days shall be referred to the Business Office for collection. Outstanding student accounts may also result in student records and registration being placed on hold until the debt is settled.

(a) Unless otherwise specified in these regulations, all persons who are cited for non-moving violations may make payment to the Parking Services in person or mail payment in the envelope provided. If payment is mailed it shall not be made using cash.

(b) Appeal Process.

  1. Only those persons or departments responsible for incurring the citation or the registrant of the vehicle cited may appeal to Parking Services or the Parking Citation Appeal Committee.
  2. Any person or department who wishes to appeal a citation shall do so within fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of issuance on the citation. (Note: Warning citations may not be appealed.) Appeals may be submitted at
  3. If an appeal is not submitted within fourteen (14) calendar days from the date the citation was issued, the right to appeal is forfeited.
  4. The appeal will be reviewed by the Appeals Mediator/Staff, adjudicated based on the current Parking Services Regulations and an email of decision will be issued.
  5. If the person or department is dissatisfied with the decision of the Appeals, Mediator/Staff, they may appeal the Appeals Mediator/Staff’s decision to the Parking Citation Appeal Committee. Such appeals must be requested by emailing [email protected]. Such appeal requests must be made within fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of the Appeals Mediator/Staff’s letter of decision. The Parking Citation Appeal Committee will review the matter and may excuse, reduce or uphold the citation, but the Committee may not contradict the prevailing parking and registration regulations. The Parking Citation Appeal Committee is the final appeal authority.
  • Student/Staff Annual – $75.00 ($70.09 + $4.91 sales tax)
  • Student/Staff Semester – $37.50 ($35.04 + $2.46 sales tax)
  • Motorcycle Only Space Annual – $5.00 ($4.67 + $0.33 sales tax)
  • Motorcycle Regular Space Annual – $75.00 ($70.09 + $4.91 sales tax)
  • Monthly – $10.00 ($9.34 + $0.66 sales tax)


  • First Annual – $10.00 ($9.34 + $0.66 sales tax)
  • First Semester – $5.00 ($4.67 + $0.33 sales tax)
  • Motorcycle Only Space – $2.00 ($1.87 + $0.13 sales tax)
  • Second Annual – $10.00 ($9.34 + $0.66 sales tax)
  • Second Semester – $5.00 ($4.67 + $0.33 sales tax)
  • Second Motorcycle – $2.00 ($1.87 + $0.13 sales tax)
  • Third Replacement – Full Price

Safety Tips:

  • Lock your vehicle when you park.
  • Don’t leave your vehicle unattended with the motor running.
  • Don’t leave money or valuables in your vehicle where they can be seen.
  • Call Campus Police for evening escort to your vehicle at 941-487-4210.
  • Keep your keys in your hand when entering or leaving your vehicle.
  • Be aware of your surroundings when entering or leaving your vehicle.
  • Use the emergency phones provided in the parking lots to contact Campus Police in the event of an emergency.