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The Office of Housing & Residential Education is responsible for maintaining student residences that support the educational mission statement of New College of Florida. Our aim is to provide a quality living space and support to students living on campus.  To strengthen the learning experience for all students by providing living and learning opportunities for intellectual and personal development that complement those within the classroom setting.


The residential life program is an integral part of the educational program at NCF. Residential halls and hall staff provide a structure by which the experience in the classroom is joined with the out-of-class learning. The residential hall staff assists students in developing an academic community in the halls, as well as serving to support and enhance self-directed individual development.  

The residence halls operate on the basic principle of mutual respect and consideration for the rights of all students. To ensure the safety of the community and the rights of the individual, conformity to the College’s regulations is required. Students should expect to live by the central tenets for the halls, which are safety, responsibility and community. 

(Note:  Housing Applications for 2024-2025 academic year will not open until late March)


Carol Munzer Coordinator of Administrative Services
Lily Tanner Housing Area Coordinator

Apartment-Style Residence Halls: Dort and Goldstein Residence Halls

The Dallas & Elizabeth Dort and Ann & Alfred Goldstein Residence Halls provide accommodations for approximately 150 students in apartment-style suites, each including its own living room, kitchenette and bathroom facilities. The Dort and Goldstein Residence Halls are located near the Recreation Center on the Pei Campus. The apartment bedrooms in this area are approximately 12′ x 9′ and are either three or four bedrooms. 

Lodge-Style Residence Halls: The Letter Dorms: V Residence Hall, W – Peterson, X – Searing, Y Residence Halls, and Z-Dorm (Pritzker Residence Hall)

The Lee & Bob Peterson Residence Hall, Ulla R. Searing Residence Hall, and the V and Y residence halls are lodge-style structures that feature studio, two- and three-bedroom apartments, each with its own kitchenette and bathroom. The halls feature a dramatic two-story floor plan with central common areas, timbered ceilings, and a keyless entry system. These side-by-side residence halls are sometimes called “Letter Dorms” because they were originally designated as V, W, X, and Y Dorms before two were officially named. The apartment bedroom sizes are approximately 12′ x 9′.

Hotel Style Living Residence Halls: Home 2 Suites & Hyatt Place

New College of Florida (NCF) is excited to announce partnerships with several area hotels for new and returning students this Fall. All NCF students that have requested campus housing will be able to walk into their home away from home.

Housing Fees for 2023-2024
Studio Single Room Rates

(This type of room is assigned on a space available basis only)

Fall & January Term


Spring Term


Total Cost for Year


Double Room Rates Fall & January Term


Spring Term


Total Cost for Year


Standard Room Rate

(V, W, X, Y, & Z Letter Dorms)

Fall & January Term


Spring Term


Total Cost for Year


Single Room Rates

(Dort & Gold)

Fall & January Term


Spring Term


Total Cost for Year


Housing fees are impacted by state policies and may be subject to change, additional housing fees may apply.

New College of Florida promulgates regulations in accordance with the Regulation Development Process adopted by the Florida Board of Governors. All of the Regulations are incorporated into the New College of Florida Regulations Manual.

In keeping with the College’s Statutory charge as “…the residential liberal arts honors college of the State of Florida…”and the residential life mission statement found in 6-3002, all undergraduate students shall live on campus for the first two years unless they have been granted exceptions or waivers.  Students that request a waiver must provide documentation that supports their request and includes the following categories: 

  • Students who (1) transfer into New College with 60 hours or (2) who earn 60 combined hours of credit may request a waiver from this requirement
  • Any student who has a degree conferred from an accredited institution of higher education, including New College, are exempt from this requirement 
  • Students who will be 24 years of age or older prior to the start of classes for the upcoming fall term
  • Students who are married
  • Students who are pregnant or who have parenting responsibilities
  • Military veterans with two years of active service
  • Students living within the bounds of either Sarasota or Manatee County with a parent, legal guardian or other family member who has resided in Sarasota or Manatee County for the past 6 months
  • Medical disability that cannot be reasonably accommodated with on campus housing
  • Such other case where the Vice-President of Student Affairs determines in writing that it is in the best interest of the College or the student to accommodate a request to live off campus.

While the residential focus of New College will be on the first two years of the collegiate experience, all students, regardless of student type designation, are welcome to live on campus, and will have an array of housing options. 

Cancellation Deadlines and Refunds. The following schedule of cancellation deadlines and refunds applies to students who request contract cancellation, or who are approved for Off-Campus Housing. Students will still be responsible for the daily rate charges up until the day they return their room key.

Fall 2023 Semester:

  • September 8, 2023 – 100% refund of housing fees
  • September 15, 2023 – 50% refund of housing fees
  • September 22, 2023 – 25% refund of housing fees
  • September 23, 2023 – No refund of housing fees

Spring 2024 Semester:

  • February 9, 2024 – 100% refund of housing fees
  • February 16, 2024 – 50% refund of housing fees
  • February 23, 2024 – 25% refund of housing fees
  • February 24, 2024 – No refund of housing fees

Grounds for Cancellation. Students who request cancellation of the Housing Contract must state the grounds for their request to the Division of Student Affairs. Subject to the terms, deadlines, and fees outlined above, students may request contract cancellation based on the following grounds:

  • Denial of admission;
  • Academic or administrative withdrawal, including leaves of absence;
  • Academic or administrative suspension or expulsion;
  • Off-campus study;
  • Early graduation;
  • Evidence of marriage; or
  • Other extraordinary circumstances, as determined by the Office of Student Affairs and Campus Legal Counsel.

Academic or Administrative Dismissal. Students who are removed from housing and/or dismissed from the College as a result of academic or administrative reasons are subject to the terms outlined in Deadlines, Fees, and Refunds above. As determined by the Dean of Student, certain adjustments may be applied to account for extraordinary circumstances or unnecessary hardship.

Students who have been determined to have preemptively unsatisfactory completed their contract prior to the end of the semester may be required to vacate the residence halls. Students must be in good academic standings with the College to remain a residential student. Students requested to leave due to having a preemptive unsatisfactory completed their contract will forfeit any and all refunds and will be charged any fees/fines/cancellation charges.

Conduct Dismissal. Students who are removed from housing and/or dismissed from the College as a result of sanctions or interim measures according to the Student Code of Conduct are liable for the full fees under the Housing Contract. No refunds will be issued for students removed from New College due to academic dishonesty. 

While we view the closure of the campus as unlikely, in the event that the College was required to close its residence halls after the “No refund date”, the College would make every effort to return some portion of housing fees.

Find information about the updated meal plans on the Campus Dining page.

Each semester after students move-in, the Office of Housing and Residence Life staff verifies that all students have moved into their assigned spaces. All room change requests are on hold until these checks are complete, which is typically two to three weeks into each semester. After room vacancies are confirmed, students can complete a request in their housing portal.

Room Change Process:

  • Room changes are not guaranteed.
  • Room rates vary across campus, so please review the housing rates on our website.
  • Immediate moves may not be possible due to the limited nature of vacant spaces on campus.
  • Moves with a group of students may not be possible due to limited options. Most empty bed spaces will be in separate suites, so students are more likely to move if they decide to move independently.
  • All students in the group must submit their own room change request form.
  • If students change their mind, they need to contact housing & Residence Life in writing.
  • After students are approved for a room change, they must follow this checklist of correct move-out procedures:
    • Remove all belongings from the room and common spaces
    • Clean the space
    • Make a check-out appointment with Housing Staff.
    • Return their key to Housing office located in HCL 1 during working hours.
    • Failure to follow these directions may result in improper room change, cleaning, damage, trash removal or lock change fees being assessed.

Students who wish to request a room change can submit a Room Change Request form which can be found in their NCF Portal under Housing Registration.  If you need any assistance, please email [email protected]

You should definitely talk to your roommates / suitemates regarding what you will be bringing to campus.  You don’t need to duplicate each other’s efforts 🙂

New College Packing List Guide

Housing and Residential Life in partnership with the Accessible Learning Center (ALC) are available to assist with the implementation of reasonable accommodations upon request from new or current students whose disabilities substantially limit their ability to live in New College’s traditional housing arrangement.

Residential accommodations requests may include but not limited to:

Students registered with the ALC should complete a housing application and upload a copy of their eligibility letter from the ALC to their housing application or email their eligibility letter to [email protected].  Students not registered with the ALC, should contact the ALC a few weeks before the housing deadlines to give the ALC time to evaluate requests.   Learn more from the Accessible Learning Center.

Please adhere to all residential deadlines or Housing and Residential Life may not be able to accommodate late requests due to limited availability of housing options, even if there is a recommendation from the ALC.