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The Office of Facilities Planning & Construction manages the design, construction, demolition, and renovation of facilities at New College of Florida. The Office of Facilities Planning and Construction also staffs the Campus Development Committee and the Landscape and Signage Subcommittee. 

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Alan Burr Assistant Vice President, Facilities Management
Itza Frisco Assistant Director Facilities Planning & Construction
Office / Division / Concentration Facilities Planning & Construction
Rachel Hunter Coordinator, Facilities Planning & Sustainability
Office / Division / Concentration Facilities Planning & Construction

Reports & Plans

2018 Educational Plant Survey

The Educational Plant Survey process is required by Florida Statutes of all public educational entities. For the State University System, it is a requirement that at a minimum of every five (5) years, each university report on the use of its existing facilities and project its future facility needs five (5) years out. This projection is based on data on existing facilities and a projection of future needs based on anticipated university growth. The results are published in a document which is the Educational Plant Survey Report. This report is approved by the university’s Board of Trustees prior to being transmitted to the Board of Governors for their approval.

2022 – 2027 Capital Improvement Program

The Capital Improvement Plan is a rolling 5-year planning document that is updated annually. Annual updates provide the opportunity to make changes as new information becomes available regarding College needs and funding sources. 

Campus Master Plan
Landscape Master Plan
Climate Action Plan


Campus Development Agreement with the City of Sarasota

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