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Bomb Threat Action Plan

Bomb threats are usually made to disrupt normal operations of the campus; often to delay or cancel a test or exam. It is, however, imperative that all bomb threats be taken seriously. The following outlines procedures to be taken by anyone who receives a bomb threat against any facility or person on campus.

Receipt of a Bomb Threat

  1. If you receive a bomb threat call try to remain calm and attempt to secure as much information from the caller as possible. Listen closely to what the caller says, and write the threat information down exactly as the caller stated it. Listen for background noises. Determine if the caller is male or female. Was the caller trying to disguise their voice? If you have a phone display write down the number or information indicated on the display. Was the caller calm or angry? (Refer to the Bomb Threat Checklist below or additional things to listen for).
  2. Try to have the person repeat the threat, and ask questions to determine such information as; when the bomb is going to explode, where is the bomb at, what does it look like, did the caller place the bomb there, why, what is your name and address, etcetera. (Refer to the Bomb Threat Checklist below for more things to ask).
  3. Write down as much information as possible about the call and caller as you can remember to give to the officer upon arrival. Note the exact time of the call and the extension to which the call was made.

Campus Police will immediately respond to the location to determine as much information as possible as quickly as possible. The President and/or CEO will be contacted as soon as possible. If a known location of the Bomb Threat has been given, action to evacuate that facility will be immediately taken. If no specific location was given the President and/or CEO will be consulted for a determination of any evacuation of any facilities or closure of campus.

Any employee who feels threatened by a perceived bomb threat may leave the immediate area and contact their supervisor at the earliest opportunity. It is not the intent of the campus to cause any employee to remain in a situation that the employee deems threatening.

Download Bomb Threat Procedures Guideline