Why Study Economics at New College?

At New College, our Economics AOC is designed to help you successfully confront the challenges of a rapidly changing world. The emphasis is on providing you with a conceptual framework with which to understand and assess the events and decisions that affect society at large as well as your own personal life. Upon graduation, should you continue on to graduate school or enter the job market? Should Europe abandon the euro? Should the Federal Reserve raise or lower interest rates in order to stabilize the economy? By mastering the tools of economic analysis, you will be able to evaluate questions such as these in a critical and systematic manner.

Economics Area of Concentration

“Economics is a method rather than a doctrine, an apparatus of the mind, a technique of thinking which helps its possessor to draw correct conclusions.” – John Maynard Keynes

The goal of the economics program at New College is to provide students with the analytical tools that will enable them to understand and assess the events and decisions that affect society at large as well as their own professional and personal lives. An understanding of economic principles is crucial to evaluating major national policy issues such as health care reform and international policy issues such as the desirability of free trade agreements. Students who master the “economic way of thinking” will be equipped to make intelligent decisions in their professional lives, whether they be an entrepreneur, a financial advisor, a lawyer, or an administrator for a nonprofit organization. On a personal level, an understanding of basic economics is useful in making critical decisions like whether to pursue a graduate education, buy a house, or how to invest in one’s retirement portfolio.


  • Richard Coe Professor of Economics
  • Tracy Collins Associate Professor of Economics
  • Tarron Khemraj Professor of Economics and International Studies, William & Marie Selby Chair
  • Mark Paul Assistant Professor of Economics and Environmental Studies
  • Sherry Yu Associate Professor of Economics

Recent Theses

  • Uncle Sam’s Diet: The Economic Effects of Progressive Income Taxation on Efficiency, Distribution, and Growth
  • The New Millennium—A Comprehensive Study of the Chinese Housing Market and the Effect of the One-Child Policy
  • Lessons from the South African Expanded Public Works Programme
  • The Fall of King Coal: An Analysis of the Factors Leading to the Decline of the U.S. Coal Industry
  • Corporate Cuba American Money and the Creation of Castro’s Communism
  • Modeling International Reserves Composition: Central Bank Demand for Gold
  • A Chairman by Chairman analysis of a Dynamic Taylor Rule: Does the Classical Model Stand the Times?
  • Social and Economic Consequences of a Natural Experiment in Argentina’s Professional Soccer League
  • Analysis of the Environmental and Economic Aspects of the United States Acid Rain Program
  • The Troubles and Peace: Economics and Politics in Northern Ireland
  • Financial Inequality in Modern European Football: Identifying and Bridging the Gap between Europe’s Elite and Other Clubs
  • Microfinance in Bolivia: An Industry Evaluation
  • Paths to Success: The Relationship between Health and Education in Developing Countries
  • The Political Determinants of China’s Foreign Direct Investment
  • Analyzing the Performance of the Palestinian Business cycle Under Israeli Monetary and Fiscal Shocks.


Senior Health Economics Analyst
University of Florida Health Center

Financial Adviser
Raymond James

Business Analyst
Sequoya Group

Financial Planner
Retirement Money Management

Senior Economist
U.S. Government Accountability Office

College of William and Mary

Research Officer
International Monetary Fund

Greenspace Financial

What Can I Do with an Economics AOC?

Economics mentorship program offers connection and opportunity

A group of local high school students, along with eight New College economics students participated in New College's Economics and Finance Mentorship Program, which consisted of weekly workshops this spring to teach students about economics and finance, introduce them to New College, and create networking opportunities with a diverse group of economists.

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More Information

Economics Curriculum

Students with an Economics AOC must satisfactorily complete required courses plus four additional courses in economics.

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Undergraduate Program

New College of Florida offers more than 40 different majors in humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences, as well as a number of interdisciplinary concentrations.

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