You have power to impact the future of the New College Campus by providing your input on the updated Campus Master Plan (CMP).

New College is convening meetings, conducting surveys and inviting written feedback to create a future campus plan that is reflective of the needs of faculty, staff, students, neighbors and our broader community.

Photo from the December 8, 2023 informational and feedback session.

Campus planning and concurrency management in the State University System (SUS) are governed by Florida Statute 1013.30. Florida Board of Governors (BOG) Regulations, Chapter 21, further detail the requirements of campus master plans. The Campus Master Plan (CMP) identifies general land uses, and addresses the need for and provision of roads, parking, public transportation, solid waste, drainage, sewer, potable water, and recreation and open space during the coming 10 years. The CMP facilitates coordination between universities and their local governments.

The CMP is required to have eight elements relating to Future Land Use, Intergovernmental Coordination, Capital Improvements, Recreation & Open Space, General Infrastructure, Housing, and Conservation.

1st Meeting – Informational Session

The first informational session was held on December 8 (pictured above). Groups of students, faculty and staff worked collaboratively to identify important areas to address in the new CMP.

Attendees viewed a presentation reviewing the outcomes from the existing CMP and looking ahead at the process of assembling the new plan. The presentation and the existing CMP are linked in the resources and documents section below.

The focus of the collaboration focused on these three questions:

  • What is your favorite part of the current campus and why?
  • If you could make one physical change to the campus, what would it be?
  • What would you like to see in a future campus?

August 2016 New College Master Plan

December 8, 2023 Presentation

Feedback Received During Table Discussions

December 8 Campus Master Plan Session Minutes

If you could not attend but wish to share your answers to these questions, please email [email protected].

Each table at the December 8 event operated as a working group, delivering feedback and aspirations for the Campus Master Plan.

2nd Meeting – Public Hearing

A public hearing was held Monday, January 22, 2024. Approximately 140 individuals from the campus and local community.

Campus Master Plan Display Boards

January 22 Architectural Power Point Presentation

VIDEO: View the Public Hearing Archive on YouTube



3rd Meeting – Public Hearing

A final public hearing will be held in May 2024 (date TBA).

To share additional feedback or ask questions about the CMP, please email [email protected].