Read below about commonly requested accommodations including Testing Accommodations, Classroom Accommodations, Breaks in the Classroom, and Notetaking Services.

Testing Accommodations

  • Alternative Testing location
  • Extra Time for Exams/Quizzes
  • Reduced distraction environment
  • Testing accommodations (extended time on tests, alternative testing location)
  • Interpreting services

Registered AALC students needing alternative testing accommodations should follow the following steps to schedule a test/quiz in the testing center. Watch this how-to video.

Scheduling an Exam:

  1. Login to the secure service portal, AIM. Use your full NCF email address and NCF password to log-in. You will be automatically directed to “My Dashboard”.
  2. Scroll down to “Alternative Testing” in the My Accommodations section. 
  3. Select the class you are scheduling an exam for and fill out the required details to request an appointment
    • Exams should be taken at the date and time that corresponds with your course. Alternative date and times must be approved by the instructor and indicated in writing and submitted to the AALC. Flexibility should be discussed with instructors for the following reasons: evening classes, back-to-back course schedule, or availability of technology/staff assistance.
  4. Schedule an appointment with the AALC more than 5 business days before the exam and remember to account for extended time when making the appointment.
  5. On the day of your test be sure to bring with you the following: your student ID and any instructor approved materials (ex. calculator, formula sheet, notes, textbook, etc.)

Other important alternative testing information:

  • Failure to schedule a testing appointment may result in having to take the exam in the classroom without accommodations.
  • For online testing, instructors will receive a Faculty Notification Letter from the AALC indicating extended time and other approved accommodations. Students are encouraged to communicate with each instructor to discuss and confirm that time will be extended within CANVAS and/or all third-party software. Contact your professor and copy the AALC immediately if time has not been extended.
  • Contact the AALC if you encounter any difficulties with exam scheduling. The AALC will make reasonable efforts to provide testing accommodations on the exam date.

Registering as a Notetaker

All students, whether registered with the AALC or not, wanting to register as a student notetaker should follow the steps below to indicate interest as a potential notetaker.

  1. Sign into myNCF App Gateway with your student email and password. 
  2. Complete the online Note Taker Application using this link: 
  3. Once you have completed the first step, you will be directed to a form where you will input your name, date of birth, and pronouns.
  4. Follow steps 1-3 in this document.

  1. Log in to AIM via the NCF MyApp Gateway by clicking on the AIM tile. 
  2. Access the “Notetaker” tab.
  3. Register for the courses you want to take notes for by entering the CRN or searching for the courses manually. Once you enter your courses, click “Continue to Verify Your Courses”. We will reach back out to you within three business days to let you know if one of the classes you have listed requires a notetaker. If you are selected as a notetaker, you will receive a follow-up email with information about notetaker hiring.