Read below about commonly requested accommodations including Testing Accommodations, Classroom Accommodations, Breaks in the Classroom, and Notetaking Services.

Testing Accommodations

  • Alternative Testing location
  • Extra Time for Exams/Quizzes
  • Reduced distraction environment
  • Testing accommodations (extended time on tests, alternative testing location)
  • Interpreting services

Registered AALC students needing alternative testing accommodations should follow the following steps to schedule a test/quiz in the testing center. Watch this how-to video.

Scheduling an Exam:

  1. Login to the secure service portal, AIM. Use your full NCF email address and NCF password to log-in. You will be automatically directed to “My Dashboard”.
  2. Scroll down to “Alternative Testing” in the My Accommodations section. 
  3. Select the class you are scheduling an exam for and fill out the required details to request an appointment
    • Exams should be taken at the date and time that corresponds with your course. Alternative date and times must be approved by the instructor and indicated in writing and submitted to the AALC. Flexibility should be discussed with instructors for the following reasons: evening classes, back-to-back course schedule, or availability of technology/staff assistance.
  4. Schedule an appointment with the AALC more than 5 business days before the exam and remember to account for extended time when making the appointment.
  5. On the day of your test be sure to bring with you the following: your student ID and any instructor approved materials (ex. calculator, formula sheet, notes, textbook, etc.)

Other important alternative testing information:

  • Failure to schedule a testing appointment may result in having to take the exam in the classroom without accommodations.
  • For online testing, instructors will receive a Faculty Notification Letter from the AALC indicating extended time and other approved accommodations. Students are encouraged to communicate with each instructor to discuss and confirm that time will be extended within CANVAS and/or all third-party software. Contact your professor and copy the AALC immediately if time has not been extended.
  • Contact the AALC if you encounter any difficulties with exam scheduling. The AALC will make reasonable efforts to provide testing accommodations on the exam date.

Note Taking Accommodations

The note taking accommodation provides AALC students with accessible course notes through either the use of note taking software for example our free GLEAN subscription or a peer note-taking system. The AALC Office facilitates the pairing of registered AALC students with a qualified note taker in their course if available.

If you have been approved by an AALC staff member to receive note taking services this would have been identified during your intake session, and also on your accommodation eligibility letter which was emailed to you.

Note taking services are for in person lecture based courses. Students should first attend class, access resources provided by their instructor (notes, PowerPoints, etc) and determine if the accommodation is still needed.

Option 1: Note Taking Software

Our more convenient and widely used note taking service comes in the form of note taking software which is provided to eligible AALC students during the intake session. A note taking software eligibility allows students to use a mobile device in the classroom to record lectures for academic purposes. The software used can capture audio, and also translate the audio in text serving both purposes. Contact the AALC office for a demonstration or more information regarding the different types of software available.

Option 2: Livescribe Pen

The Livescribe smartpen is an assistive technology aid that facilitates the note-taking and learning process. Recording classroom discussions and taking fewer notes allows a student to spend more time listening and learning. How a Livescribe Symphony Pen works.

Option 3: Peer Note Taker

This option of note taking service is available only if a peer in the class in which you are requesting this service has agreed to provide their notes. If needed for the course AALC staff will work with faculty to identify a peer note taker. A peer note taker can be a voluntary or paid position. If a peer note taker seeks compensation they must first be approved by the AALC office.

All students, whether registered with the AALC or not, wanting to register as a student note taker should follow the steps below to indicate interest as a potential note taker.

If you do not already have an account in AIM
  1. Sign into myNCF App Gateway with your student email and password.
  2. Complete the Note Taker Registration form
  3. Once you have completed the first step, you will be directed to a form where you will input your name, and date of birth.
  4. Follow steps 1-3 in this document.
If you do already have an account with AIM
  1. Log in to your NCF MyApp Gateway
  2. Click on the AIM tile
  3. Access the “Note taker” tab on the top left menu bar.
  4. Register for the course/s by entering the CRN or searching for the courses manually.
  5. Once entered, click “Continue to Verify Your Courses”.
  6. AALC staff will reach out to you if one of the classes you have registered requires a note taker. If selected as a note taker, AALC staff will contact you for next steps.