The Advocacy and Accessible Learning Center (AALC) recommends that professors make an announcement at the first class meeting informing students of the available services offered by the AALC. If a student approaches an instructor about a disability they believe they have and/or a request for accommodations without the necessary Faculty Notification Letter from the AALC, the instructor should provide the student with the AALC contact information and explain the importance of registering with our office.

Once a student has requested accommodations and AALC has approved the accommodations, the faculty will receive a Faculty Notification Letter and the student is copied. The Faculty Notification Letter will outline all accommodations for the student. In the event the faculty member has questions or concerns regarding the Faculty Notification Letter, the faculty member should contact AALC directly.

Completing the Alternative Testing Agreement

  1. Login to the secure service portal, AIM. Use your full NCF email address and NCF password to log-in. You will be automatically directed to “My Dashboard”.
  2. Scroll down to “Alternative Testing” in the Views and Tools section, and click on the subsection. Follow these instructions to complete the testing agreement.
  3. Select the class you are completing the alternative testing agreement for and fill out the required details to complete the agreement

More Info

Find more information for faculty on the NCF Community Pages (MyNCF login required).