Not all courses or students may have the same need in regards to note taking services. The AALC office will reach out to you for clarification on the format of your course to determine if notes are already provided to students. If it is determined that a note taker is needed, the AALC office may reach out to you for a recommendation of a student who you feel would be able to fulfill the requirements of this service for AALC students in your classroom.

It is important to know that all peer note takers must first register with the AALC Office. They are responsible for successfully completing a note taker training session, and registration in order to be identified as a note taker. A student who fails to register or complete the note taker training with the AALC Office will not receive compensation regardless of services provided. Please understand this process is not intended to be a barrier for faculty or note takers but proper registration, training, and verification of services rendered are required by the AALC Office and Human Resources Department for payroll processing.

If requested by the AALC Office there are several options for facilitating accessible note taking in your course:

Make an announcement in class that a Note Taker is needed, without identifying the student(s) needing the service. Please be sure to select only ONE student to serve as a note taker in your course. You should inform the student if they are selected and refer them to the Note Taker Registration form or the AALC Office for more information. Please see the script below as an example of what your class announcement can look like.

“The Advocacy and Accessible Learning Center is seeking a student that will provide copies of their notes for this class. In return, the student may be eligible for volunteer hours or this could be a paid position. If approved, you must take good notes that are easy to read and you should attend class regularly. If you are interested, please contact me as soon as possible.”

Once a student has been identified as a peer note taker please refer them to the AALC office. A peer note taker can be a voluntary or paid position. If a peer note taker seeks compensation they must first be approved by the AALC office.