Health Education empowers students to strive for balance and wellness. Wellness is an active, ongoing process, which involves becoming aware of and taking steps toward a healthier, happier, more successful life.


Health Education offers a range of services to students, including workshops for clubs and student organizations, residence hall programs, large-scale campus programming, and individual support sessions. Health Education also offers campus wide programming that focuses on general health topics, interpersonal violence prevention, alcohol & other drug harm reduction, safer sexual health education, healthy relationships, stress management, mental health awareness topics, bystander intervention, “Party Smart” training and other topics as requested. Services are individually designed for the health topic and the need of the student or group requesting services.  Individual support sessions are available for students who would like to discuss their health questions with the Health Educator. To connect send an email to

There are many opportunities to gain meaningful experience as a volunteer, through an internship or as a Wellness Ambassador with the Health Education Office, creating an opportunity to add leadership experience and skills to your resume or graduate school applications. If interested, please reach out to the Health Education Coordinator for more information at

Students can:

  • Assist with outreach programs (Tabling, Wellness Carnival, Various Health Promotion Events.)
  • Plan, develop, and promote health and wellness programs and materials
  • Help design t-shirts and other marketing materials.
  • Assist in creation of materials/themed giveaways needed for programming
  • Gain experience in evaluating prevention and social norm data, messages, publications, materials, and programs
  • Translate technical information into information suitable for college aged students via fact sheets, social media posts, articles and program development.
  • Assist with social media sites, including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Assist with grant opportunities as they become available.
  • Assist in maintaining Health Education equipment and storage areas.

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Health Education

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W Residence Hall 2130 in the breezeway next to RA Resource Room