Overview of Health Education

In the Fall of 2015, the area of Health Education was added to the growing list of services provided to New College of Florida students from the CWC. The Health Education area focuses on Sexual Health, Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Misuse Education, and Mental and Physical Health.

Health Education offers a range of services to students, including workshops for clubs and student organizations, residence hall programs, large-scale campus programming, and individual support sessions. Services are individually designed for the health topic and the need of the student or group requesting services.

All currently registered New College students are eligible, and encouraged, to use available Health Education services.

Health Education Service Requests

Health Education Programs

The Health Educator is available to help facilitate, create, or collaborate on programs for your club, group, organization, or residence hall. Topics include sexual health, sexual violence, alcohol, drug misuse, and mental health.

To make an appointment please contact the CWC a 941-487-4254

Individual Support Sessions

Individual support sessions are available for students who would like to discuss their health questions with the Health Educator. Individual support sessions range in length and time depending on the health topic(s) being addressed. A referral from the CWC or SDS is not required; however, priority is given to those students who have been referred through those services.

To make an appointment please contact the CWC at 941-487-4254