Take advantage of New College’s close-knit community and make meaningful connections that could be life-changing!

Mentorship is a unique and essential of the New College academic experience. Mentorship connects students, alumni, and community members with one another to enhance every student’s personal and professional development.

What is mentoring?
Mentoring is a collaborative learning partnership where a mentor offers career-related insights based on their knowledge, skills, and experience, as well as support and encouragement, to facilitate the personal and professional growth of a mentee.

Mentorship is a valuable opportunity for students and professionals to develop meaningful relationships, built on professionalism, honesty, and openness, that fosters growth and learning for both the mentee and the mentor.

How will mentorship help me?
As a mentee, 
you will connect with your mentor to explore and define a vision of what your future might look like! You will take an active role and your learning and development by collaborating with your mentor to craft goals and identify what steps can be taken to achieve them. You will gain career-related knowledge from an industry insider (your mentor) who is dedicated to helping you succeed!

As a mentor, you will have the potential to change a mentee’s life! You can have a positive impact on the New College community by helping mentees explore what life after New -College might look like. By sharing industry-specific insights and experiences, mentors help mentees develop a clearer understanding of the world of work. Working with a mentee can also help mentors to further develop their professional skillset.

Interested mentors, be sure to opt-in for more information about the Novo Network Mentorship Program when creating your profile!

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Explore Your Options for Mentorship At New College!

We are excited to announce that you can start making connections through the New College Mentorship Network, powered by Wisr! This online platform allows all members of the New College community – students, alumni, community members, and college supporters – to engage in mentorship. Once you join the network, you’ll have the opportunity to ‘meet’ over 500 (and growing!) members to share and receive career information and advice. Connecting within the network is easy through the in-network chat or request a call features. You can also join communities within the network to participate in group discussions related to your unique professional interests. Get your unique mentorship experience started by:

  • Clicking here to create your customized profile on the network. You’ll have the opportunity to provide detailed information about yourself, your professional goals and/or experiences, and what type of help you are seeking and/or willing to offer.
  • Once you’re profile is complete, start connecting! The platform will create customized matches to suggest mentors to mentees based on profile similarities. Mentees can then connect with any mentors through the platform in a variety of ways (online chat, email, phone call, video chat) to ask questions, have a quick chat (“flash mentoring”), or develop a professional partnership that continues beyond the first connection.

You don’t want to miss out on this potentially life-changing opportunity to find and connect with your future mentee/mentor!

Calling ALL Rising Second Year Students – check out the Novo Network Mentorship Program!

You are invited to take your career and professional development journey to the next level by participating in the Novo Network Mentorship Program. This exciting opportunity will span the 2021-2022 academic year and will consist of:

  • A highly-customized matching process to pair you with your mentor! Your mentor will be a New College alumni or community member who is dedicated to offering you valuable career and industry insights, support, and encouragement to further your personal and professional growth.
  • A credit-bearing course, Designing Your Life: Career Exploration and Professional Development for the College Student, in the Fall 2021 semester. This course will offer mentees the opportunity to engage in meaningful exploration and planning focused on three areas: self, academics, and career. Through engaging self-assessments, discussion, and class activities, mentees will deepen their knowledge and skills related to career and professional development aimed to strengthen academic and career decision-making.

2021-2022 Novo Mentee applications are OPEN – apply today! If you have any questions about the program, reach out to Ciara Suarez, CEO Assistant Director and Career Coach, at

Are you a student interested in making a positive impact on a young person in our local community while gaining valuable insights and enhancing important skills? Become a mentor with one of our community partners today!

Big Brothers, Big Sisters of the Sun Coast

Big Brothers Big Sisters is a national youth mentoring organization which provides supportive relationships to children facing adversity, inspires potential, and helps improve their lives for the better.  And we do that by facilitating strong and enduring relationships built on trust and friendship through 1:1 mentoring. Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Sun Coast serves over 1800 children in our one to one mentoring programs. We provide youth with volunteer adult mentors who help them to remain in school and make academic progress, avoid risky behaviors, maintain and develop positive relationships, and work toward a transition to a productive adulthood.

Mentorship at Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Sun Coast Looks Like:
Our School-Based Program offers volunteers an opportunity to meet with their “Little” one hour per week at their school.  This may involve helping with homework or a project, reading with them or just getting to know and listening to them while guiding them in a positive way. It’s about developing a friendship. 

The Community-Based Program is our more traditional mentoring program, where you meet with your Little outside of school 2X a month.  This typically involves doing something fun like an activity you both enjoy–maybe going to an event, a park, movie, museum or festival, cooking, etc.—whatever interests you and the Little! It’s about exposing them to experiences and opportunities they might not necessarily get, while building an important bond.

We also have additional programs like Sports Buddies and Beyond School Walls, a workplace mentoring program.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters, contact Melissa Ferlazzo at 941-303-6025 or

**Due to Covid-19, all activities are virtual until restrictions have been lifted.

Take Stock In Children Manatee

Take Stock in Children Inc. is a nonprofit organization, transforming Florida one student at a time. Working in every county throughout Florida, our mission is to break the cycle of poverty for low-income, academically qualified students by providing mentorships and opportunities for post-secondary education. We offer college scholarships to students, provide caring volunteer support, and instill hope for a better life. Our comprehensive services begin in middle school, continue through high school, and remains a support system afterwards with our Take Stock in College program.

Mentorship at Take Stock In Children Manatee Looks Like:

  • One-on-one meetings with a middle school or high school student during the school year (about 10 months) for 30 minutes a week (virtually until further notice)
  • Learn more about becoming a Take Stock in Children Manatee mentor here!