Why I Give

Sharon Landesman Ramey, Ph.D. (’65)

“New College has shaped me as a professor,” says Sharon Landesman Ramey, Ph.D. (’65). The Charter Class era alum speaks on how the impact of her New College education inspires her strong support for the institution to this day.

Why I Give: A Non-Conformist whose roots at New College shape her work today

Altom (’90) and Jennifer (’89) Maglio

NCF brings amazing students from around the world to Sarasota to live and learn. Many students stay after college or return. And this has been going on since 1960! The couple is a perfect example of that. They met during their undergraduate work at New College, earned their law degrees from University of Florida, and eventually returned to Sarasota and opened their law firm, mctlaw.

Why I Give: New College is a secret ingredient in what makes Sarasota so wonderful

Matthew Grieco (’94)

“I think you can draw a straight line from the training in good persuasive writing that I received as an undergraduate at New College to the grades I got on my law school exams a few years later. There’s very little that allows you to jump out in front of the pack as a law student and a lawyer than the ability to write.”

Why I Give: A unique institution, that was also a “best buy” public college

Jack and Priscilla Schlegel

Jack, New College Foundation board member, and Priscilla Schlegel are intellectually curious people. The couple have been avid supporters of the college since they began attending New Topics lectures five years ago. “We understand the importance of education and how hard the college works to raise scholarship money. We want to give money where it impacts students.”

Why I Give: Curiosity is at the heart of a New College education