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Both Altom (’90) and Jennifer (’89) Maglio refer to New College of Florida as a hidden jewel in the region.

Altom says, ”New College is a secret ingredient in what makes Sarasota so wonderful, as it brings amazing students from around the world to Sarasota to live and learn. Many students stay after college or return. And this has been going on since 1960!”

The couple is a perfect example of that.  They met during their undergraduate work at New College, earned their law degrees from University of Florida, and eventually returned to Sarasota and opened their law firm, mctlaw. The firm conducts complex litigation nationwide with offices in Sarasota, Washington, D.C. and Seattle.

Jennifer points to her experience at New College as being a boost to her education at law school. “When the professor called on me using the Socratic Method, there wasn’t the absolute terror that other people experienced who had never been called on.  I was used to discussing things out loud in class, to people challenging my ideas.”  She also found it curious that her fellow law school students would raise their hands and ask if a subject was going to be on an exam. “I was educated in a place that valued the education of the subject more than checking boxes on an exam,” she says.

Jennifer proudly volunteers on the scholarship committee of the Community Foundation of Sarasota County.  When she speaks to local parents, Jennifer makes it a point to share her experience at New College. “I talk about what a great education it would be for their children.  The size, engagement with the professors and the nurturing nature of the professors.  I also share the notion that they are invested in the students and really care about what they learn.”

Both Alton and Jennifer serve on the New College Foundation’s annual Clambake event committee.  Prior to the event each year, Altom, along with fellow alum Charlie Lenger (’78), meet with students who will be attending to explain what to expect and their role.  They suggest all alums should come back to campus and meet with current students.  Jennifer says, “Every time we talk to a student, we get excited, their stories are so amazing. There are so many things they are interested in and pursuing.  Why wouldn’t everyone want to give that future a chance?”

Altom hopes fellow alums will continue to support the college.  “New College is an incredibly important part of who we are.  As a student, New College helped form us into the people we are today.  As an alum, we are forever part of the New College community.  Participate and move New College forward.”

New College Changes Lives

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