The vast majority of our funding comes from supporters like you. And while we do a lot with a little, only an increase in our budget will allow us to plan far enough ahead to take New Music New College to new heights, with cutting-edge performers and composers from all over bringing top-notch music to our community.

Here are just a few concrete examples of how your support helps us:

  • $10 pays for one hour of a student’s time to staff our concerts (box office check in and sales, hand out programs, video camera operators, and tech assistants—as many as 10 students per event, for from two to eight hours)
  • $370 pays for printing costs for the programs for one concert
  • $700 (on average) pays for transportation to Sarasota for one of our visiting artists
  • $4,000–$12,000 pays for a visiting artist or group for one concert
  • $7,000 pays for the equipment necessary to stream video of our concerts

Any and all contributions are appreciated and will enable New Music New College to continue to bring the best of the NEW to Sarasota and foster our ongoing conversation about music, art and life.  

We are excited about the future, and embrace the possibilities ahead; won’t you join us?