About The Series

We present performances on the campus of New College of Florida, here in Sarasota, but also stream them for free on YouTube. Some involve the most cutting-edge professionals of our time. Others involve our own students. All concerts last about an hour and include a free reception with snacks. After the performance you can stick around and discuss the experience with the performers as well as with your fellow audience members.

This season—our twenty-fourth!—we bring to you the young percussion group Recap Quartet; an enveloping experimental piece performed outdoors by New College students, faculty, and staff, along with members of the community; groundbreaking, enthralling pianist Kathleen Supové; a mashup of John Cage and Mary Shelley performed from the balconies of our academic building; and visionary composer, vocalist, and electronics guru Pamela Z. All here, in Sarasota! All on YouTube for free! We invite you to be a part of this celebration of humanity, and revel in the messy creation that is the arts.

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