As an International Baccalaureate (IB) student, you thrive on academic rigor and embrace intellectual challenges. You’re motivated, self-directed and driven to succeed. You belong at New College of Florida.

IB students find themselves exceptionally well-prepared for the original research built into each year of New College of Florida’s academic program. New College finds IB students ready and eager to think outside the box and across disciplines in pursuit of new ideas, perspectives and solutions. New College provides a natural extension to the IB education, challenging students to synthesize ideas, think critically and work closely with faculty on original research. The January term is reserved for independent study projects, and students frequently customize their studies with semester tutorials to focus on research topics of particular interest. Ultimately, this leads to the senior capstone project. Similar to work on the Extended Essay, New College students work on their project with their faculty capstone adviser. Then they present the project and answer questions from their faculty committee in the baccalaureate exam.

The IB program and my experience at New College are inextricably intertwined. There is no better primer for New College than IB’s required course “Theory of Knowledge.” It’s simply an exhilarating breath of New College, found and put to task by its attendees, all-the-while defyingly within the constructs of a public high school nutshell. It’s a beautiful thing.

My Pensacola High School academic counselor looked at my file and, when she saw I was an IB student, she implored me to look no further than New College of Florida. My IB coordinator and teachers all agreed.

Thomas Jay Brown, ’99

What do IB Students at New College Have to Say?

How Your IB Education Translates to New College

IB Program
At New College of Florida
Extended Essay – An independent, self-directed piece of research, finishing with a 4,000-word paper. Senior capstone project – An independent, self-directed, original piece of work that fourth-year students present and defend in front of a group of faculty members.
CAS (Creativity, Activity and Service) – The CAS program requires IB students to participate in a range of real-world experiences that expand their body of knowledge.  Independent Study Project (ISP) – New College of Florida expects you to put your knowledge to work.  ISPs are designed to expand your personal and academic skill sets through internships, research, lab work, or creative work (either on or off campus).  
Theory of Knowledge – At the core of the IB education, Theory of Knowledge (TOK) is a course dedicated to understanding the nature of knowledge. At the core of NCF’s academic experience is the value of intellectual curiosity and individualized academic plans, which encourage critical thinking about the nature of knowledge (in your major, as well as in other fields).
International-Mindedness – Open-mindedness about the common humanity of all people, and accepting and respecting other cultures and beliefs through thoughtful discussion and action.  As a member of the National Student Exchange and the Consortium for Innovative Environments in Learning, NCF values the learning that takes place in the international setting. It is part of our commitment to intellectual curiosity and fearless learning in a global world.
Beyond the Disciplines – Engaging in activities that synthesize concepts related to ways of knowing while learning how to develop central understandings that encourage learning to know, learning to do, learning to live together and learning to be. Encouraging practical application of interdisciplinary knowledge in the real world. The New College Academic Contract, a comprehensive, individualized study plan provides the framework for practical application of knowledge and a flexible planning and advising process each semester to connect courses, research projects, internships, work experience, and study-abroad opportunities to larger goals.
The Learner Profile – IB encourages its students to gain skills in 10 values-driven attributes:  Inquirers, Knowledgeable, Thinkers, Communicators, Principled, Open-Minded, Caring, Risk-Takers, Balanced and Reflective. New College is a values-driven environment. Students are expected to embrace a just, diverse, equitable and inclusive community and learn the value of critical thinking, being open-minded and practicing inquiry. IB students continue to grow their learning profile at New College.

IB Exam Credit

Students can earn up to 45 semester hours of unduplicated IB credit toward their degree.

IB Diploma Results

IB Diploma Results
Grades A-C
Theory of Knowledge 4 credits
Extended Essay 4 credits

IB Exam Results 

IB Exam Results
IB Exam Score: 4
IB Exam Score: 5 – 7
Biology 4 credits 8 credits
Biology (SL) 4 credits 8 credits
Biology (HL) 4 credits 8 credits
Business and Management 4 credits 8 credits
Chemistry 4 credits 8 credits
Computer Science 4 credits 8 credits
Design Technology 4 credits 8 credits
Economics 4 credits 8 credits
Ecosystems and Societies 4 credits 8 credits
Environmental Systems & Societies (SL) 4 credits 8 credits
English A1 4 credits 8 credits
English Language: Language and Literature 4 credits 8 credits
English Language A: Literature 4 credits 8 credits
Environmental Systems 4 credits 8 credits
Film Studies 4 credits 8 credits
French: Language B 4 credits 8 credits
Further Mathematics (Advanced Mathematics) 4 credits 8 credits
Further Math 4 credits 8 credits
Geography 4 credits 8 credits
German: Language B 4 credits 8 credits
Global Politics (SL) 4 credits 8 credits
Global Politics (HL) 4 credits 8 credits
History 4 credits 8 credits
History (SL) 4 credits 8 credits
History (HL): History of Africa and the Middle East 4 credits 8 credits
History (HL): History of the Americas 4 credits 8 credits
History (HL): History of Asia and Oceania 4 credits 8 credits
History (HL): History of Europe 4 credits 8 credits
Information and Technology for a Global Society 4 credits 8 credits
Islamic History 4 credits 8 credits
Italian: Language B 4 credits 8 credits
Latin 4 credits 8 credits
Literature and Performance (SL) 4 credits 8 credits
Marine Science 4 credits 8 credits
Math Analysis and Approaches (SL) 4 credits 8 credits
Math Applications and Interpretations (HL) 4 credits 8 credits
Math Methods 4 credits 8 credits
Mathematical Studies 4 credits 8 credits
Mathematical Studies (SL) 4 credits 8 credits
Mathematics 4 credits 8 credits
Music 4 credits 8 credits
Philosophy 4 credits 8 credits
Physics 4 credits 8 credits
Physics (SL) 4 credits 8 credits
Physics (HL) 4 credits 8 credits
Psychology 4 credits 8 credits
Social and Cultural Anthropology 4 credits 8 credits
Spanish: Language B 4 credits 8 credits
Theatre Arts 4 credits 8 credits
Theatre (SL) 4 credits 8 credits
Theatre (HL) 4 credits 8 credits
Visual Arts 4 credits 8 credits
World Religions (SL) 4 credits 8 credits

Frequently Asked Questions

Our maximum for unduplicated exam credit is 45 hours. This makes graduation possible within 2 ½-3 years to earn the equivalent of at least 79 more hours, but you may take additional hours, and a fourth year if needed.

NCF assigns credit hours for IB exam scores of 4 and higher (and C and higher grades for TOK and Extended Essay on the IB Diploma). We also assign fulfillment of general education requirements as they apply.

Professors decide course placement and substitutes for major requirements, so prepare to talk with your faculty.  Bring your IB course syllabi to these discussions! For work in languages, math, and some of the sciences, faculty may also use placement exams.

The most important factor for renewing scholarships and other financial aid is to complete your work satisfactorily and on time. Most students will receive scholarship funding. For NCF scholarships, and for most State of Florida scholarship programs, you may receive up to 8 semesters of scholarship funding (this allows funding for 4 full years, even with IB credit.) For any federal aid and need-based aid, transfer credit applies to the maximum limit of 186 hours for attempted work. So if you have federal or need-based financial aid, keep a special eye on the number of hours you attempt.