New College’s Clark Elected Treasurer of Society of American Music

Published on Thursday, March 9th, 2017 by David Gulliver

Maribeth Clark, associate professor of music at New College of Florida, was recently elected to the position of treasurer of the Society for American Music.

Maribeth Clark
Maribeth Clark

The Society for American Music is an organization of scholars, performers and students dedicated to studying, preserving, teaching and creating American music. Clark has been a member of the society since 2007 and has participated in several committees designed to raise funds that support independent musicological research.

One of her biggest successes was spearheading the launch of SAM/2.0, a fundraising effort designed to fund, promote and reward new scholarship in American music. The project is specifically designed to raise awareness of the music of the Americas and has garnered over $1 million to date, one of the largest and most successful campaigns in the Society’s history.

In order to further the music of the Americas, the Society holds an annual academic conference, produces several academic publications, and offers a wide variety of grants and scholarships to graduate students and professional musicologists.

The position of treasurer primarily focuses on securing funds for projects and managing fellowships that are awarded to graduate students and professional researchers alike.

Clark aims to use her new position to guide the organization in progressive directions. “I want the society to be more inclusive,” Clark said. “We have to make this music look like the music of the world. It’s about extending the nature of American music.”