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- by  New College Communications

We acknowledge that our passion and stance for educational freedom will be criticized by those who hold different perspectives.

What many do not know is that for many decades New College has faced significant challenges including deteriorating facilities and declining enrollment. It became imperative to develop a plan for growth before the school went insolvent, even if not all decisions during the transition were universally embraced.

Florida has always valued educational choice and freedom, principles we proudly espouse. Reports such as the AAUP’s shed extreme light on the polarized landscape taking place in higher education, and our position on classic liberal arts and educational freedom is a stance on which we will not yield.

New College’s focus lies in the incredible opportunities ahead for our growing student body, faculty, and staff, and we remain diligently committed to this. As we go forward into 2024, I look forward to coming together as a collective community of educators, faculty, and students who have traversed beyond the sensational press, and focus our inspiration on the rich history of excellence that has always been the baseline of New College.

It is important to note that the AAUP’s report does not align with our vision for New College nor the support we experience from our faculty and students. We are committed to cultivating a growing environment that encourages free inquiry, expression, and academic rigor. Our aspiration is to redefine higher education, fostering an era where profound scholarship and purposeful education thrive.

We extend an open invitation to visit our campus and welcome collaboration in building a more promising future for New College and higher education as a whole.