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- by  New College Communications

SARASOTA, Fla. — New College of Florida (NCF) has been named Florida’s best “Hidden Gem” by College Raptor for a sixth consecutive year. College Raptor is a widely utilized college matching service with more than a decade of successfully helping students find their ideal college.

College Raptor highlighted NCF’s contract system, under which students receive written evaluations instead of letter grades and contractually arrange with their advisor a set number of classes to pass each semester. The focus on academic experimentation and intellectual curiosity was also noted.

“We are grateful to have once again been identified as a hidden gem,” said Interim President Richard Corcoran. “America is learning more about our commitment to academic excellence and our intellectually fierce approach to higher education, so we may not qualify as being hidden much longer.”

The results of a New College education speak for themselves: Students benefit from a 7:1 student to faculty ratio for a personalized experience. NCF is 12th nationally for students who go on to earn PhDs as a percentage of its graduates, and 77% of Florida’s Fulbright Scholars have come from New College.