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- by  New College Communications

SARASOTA, Fla. — The lawsuit filed by NCF Freedom, Inc., claiming that academic freedom had been violated at New College of Florida by SB266, has been voluntarily dismissed by the plaintiffs. The lawsuit was dismissed six months after it was initially filed. A motion by NCF Freedom seeking a temporary injunction in the case was denied in early November.

“We are crossing the Rubicon,” said New College President Richard Corcoran. “New College of Florida is making significant progress toward becoming the top liberal arts college in the nation. It is time to put this lawsuit behind us and come together to realize the immense potential of New College as a thriving educational institution.”

During the course of the lawsuit, several notable achievements have highlighted New College’s readiness for growth and the preservation of academic freedom. The Fall 2023 semester saw a record number of first-time-in-college students and transfers enroll. New College has also made significant faculty hires, adding highly-accomplished experts in numerous fields from across the country.

The campus has already begun significant improvements, and New College is actively updating its Campus Master Plan to accommodate further enrollment growth, enhance academic offerings, and improve the overall student experience. Additionally, New College has successfully carried out key initiatives such as the Reimagining Pei Competition and the Caples Mansion Historic Tours, which celebrate its rich historical roots.