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- by  Abby Weingarten
Boombacha Kombucha is a Sarasota-made staple that is, well . . .booming

From SRQ Magazine.comRob Manley


It is known as “the drink of joy,” and Boombacha Kombucha is spreading that upbeat and flavorful vibe all over the local map. This Sarasota staple, made by New College of Florida alumnus Rob Manley is, in a word…booming, now more than ever. Launched in 2018 by Michael Warner and Natalie Helm, Boombacha has been Manley’s sole project since he took over as owner in January 2021. “I love fermentation and had done a lot of different kinds of fermentation at home prior to this,” says Manley, who increased sales by 95 percent in the past year. “Now I’m doing the entire process—from labeling bottles to fermenting the product as a one-man team, with some help from my wife on social media.” Kombucha is an effervescent, fermented tea with numerous nutritional benefits, like improving digestion and immune health.

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