Commencement Conduct Statement

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- by New College Communications

On May 23, conduct violation complaints were filed with the Office of Student Affairs for five individuals pursuant to New College of Florida Regulation 6-3005(6)(a)2. These filings relate to actions during the Commencement Ceremony on May 17, 2024.   

These conduct violations are self-explanatory. Notices on expected conduct were rendered to all Commencement participants by the Office of Communications & Marketing multiple times before the event, including making all participants aware of State University System Chancellor Rodrigues’ commencement ceremony advisory memorandum.   

The New College Student Code of Conduct applies to all registered students, including those taking part in graduation activities. There is no room for selective enforcement; rules that apply for any student must be enforced for all students. Thus individuals who received both written instruction weeks before the ceremony regarding conduct expectations and multiple verbal warnings from New College personnel during the ceremony have been cited.   

Due process is afforded to all students in accordance with their constitutional rights and judicial precedent. The disciplinary process will be handled pursuant to existing New College Student Code of Conduct procedures. 

 We support and protect the right of free speech while resolutely insisting upon civil discourse. Disruptive activities by a few individuals at a ceremonial event attended by hundreds is not representative of either of these principles.

In a world where dialogue is often drowned out by discord, New College’s stand symbolizes a beacon of hope—a reminder that the pursuit of knowledge is inseparable from the freedom to express it.