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The New College Challenge has caught Forbes's attention as an innovative, ambitious project with a fresh plan for community involvement and growth.

“The Challenge is designed to bring together students, experts and leaders from a variety of top universities and industries to partner and collaboratively explore new ideas and develop solutions.”

The article applauds the project’s unique approach, using the Challenge’s focus on resilience to look toward the future. “Could this be the model for the new liberal arts college of the future? Rather than students and faculty remaining cloistered on a beautiful campus deep in thought, they will become part of a much larger, diverse, dynamic community working to develop practical solutions to challenging problems and contributing to knowledge creation.” 

The New College Challenge had a strong launch in October, targeting the plan for substantial growth through collaboration. For this endeavor, New College is partnering with experts from universities such as Harvard, Yale, the University of Florida, the University of South Florida, Kean University, Syracuse University, and the University of Miami, and the greater Sarasota-Manatee area. 

The initiative will continue for the next year. 

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The New College Challenge

The Challenge is a path to address the issues of social, economic, and environmental resilience — issues that have a direct impact on New College, our community and our future. Learn More