Help the rowing team pay for coaches, equipment, transportation, entry fees, insurance, and more!

About New Crew SRQ

We are Sarasota’s collegiate rowing club team that practices at the world class rowing facility of Nathan Benderson Park. The team is based off the partnership between New College of Florida and Suncoast Aquatic Nature Center Associates (SANCA) at Nathan Benderson Park. Although the team right now consists of primarily New College Students, Athletes from other institutions within the cross-college alliance are also included on the team. Recreationally, staff, faculty, and alumni are welcome to come row as well! Sarasota is known as being one of the prime rowing capitals of the United States and the world. Benderson Park has hosted the rowing Olympic trials, master’s world championships, national championships, regional and state competitions, and many more! The New Crew team has access to the facility, training, and coaching equipment that has been used by the US National team. Ivy League Collegiate teams such as Harvard, Yale, and Princeton often come all the way to our home course to row, which is only a 15-minute drive from New College of Florida.

Our Story

The team did not start off with everything, it actually started from absolute scratch. Collegiate rowing in Sarasota was non-existent until New College students Antonia Ginsberg-Klemmt and Isaac Mingus decided that they wanted to co-found a rowing team as their independent study project. The team originated as Mingus liked to state: a “Trash Panda Rowing Club”. New Crew began by using old, used, and previously damaged (and then refurbished) oars and rowing machines from other teams. In the fall of 2019, Ginsberg-Klemmt (known by most as “Coach Toni”) started a GoFundMe, which the amount was then matched by her parents to afford the purchase of the three used boats from Space Coast Crew in Melbourne Florida. The boats are Vespoli coxed “fours” (also known as a 4+, which means 5 people total, 4 rowers and 1 coxswain). Along with the guidance and help from her father Achim, Toni made boat racks A-frames, welded, epoxied, sanded, painted, and refurbished the boats for the team to make them fully functional again. Dr. Amy Reid, New College of Florida Professor, is the club’s faculty sponsor.

Donate or Become a Sponsor

If you are interested in helping the team blossom by donating, please do so below! The team is growing and needs to hire more coaches, get more equipment and uniforms, organize transportation of athletes to and from the Cross-College-Alliance campuses and Benderson, pay for regatta entries, US Rowing memberships to insure all athletes and equipment, and more! If you or your company is interested in donating or becoming a regular sponsor, we do offer naming of boats as well as having your last name or company name printed on the back of our team shirts for the list of sponsors. For sponsorship inquiries please email