In supporting each individual’s right of conscience, New College of Florida, a public institution, honors our constitutional separation of church and state. At the same time, faith and spiritual life occupy an important place in the lives of many New College students. Numerous local congregations and religious organizations support the participation and membership of individuals from the New College community.

These private organizations assist students in establishing relationships with local faith communities, provide pastoral care, offer religious education groups and conduct faith-centered programs and activities.

Campus Ministry seeks to serve the New College community by:

  • Nurturing all faith communities
  • Coordinating outreach and advocacy programs beyond the campus
  • Encouraging interaction between students and their neighbors in Sarasota and the wider world
  • Offering companionship to students, faculty and staff

The Campus Minister, the Rev. Dwight Henry is eager to help all students, faculty and staff to discover every resource that may be helpful in supporting an individual’s spiritual journey and enriching the religious lives of all members of the New College community.


Dwight Henry

Campus Minister
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